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F*** My Brain! By Amir Shaheen: A Saucy Satire on the Hilarious Ride Called Life

Has it ever happened that you read a book which somehow decides to get into your very skin, tingling the back of your neck funnily, egging you on to dive further on into it, straight head first into experiences and narrations which may feel fiction but you wished were true. Wait or is it like, been there done that? Alas, life and its quantum physics huh? Presenting a little musing of F*** My Brain by Amir Shaheen, a collection of satire worth its weight in gold.

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Book Review of Potpourri: A Motley Bunch of Long and Short Stories by Ranjit Kulkarni

Ever read a book which has tiny tales, each embedded in its own space, like a little moment encased perfectly waiting to be discovered as one of the ultimate truths of life? Potpourri by Ranjit Kulkarni is a collection of poignant short stories scattering slices of life extraordinary amidst the mundane ordinary, exploring life at arm’s length.

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I Choose Death. Every. Fucking. Time! by Aayush Sikhwal Is a Reflection Of How We Prioritize Death Every Single Time Over Life

What if I told you that you had the best chef employed, yet not a soul to share that meal with? Earning millions of dollars but still being lonely? I Choose Death. Every. Fucking. Time!: A collection of short stories on Smoking, Alcoholism, Religion, Love Marriage, L*st and The IIT-IIM Corporate World by Aayush Sikhwal is a collection of refreshing new stories which pores over life and its eventualities in a refreshing new manner

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