5 Reasons Why iTokri Is the Best Place for Shopping, This Festive Season

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So, tell me, is shopping therapeutic for you? Well, for me it definitely is and I believe #MakeinIndia should be a motto for all of us when it comes to shopping, especially this festive season, with Itokri.

Anyways, I have always been supporting #vocalforlocal as I believe in it. And I feel you too, should believe in it.

To be honest with you guys, be it festive or any other season too, I am always super glad and stoked to be shopping. I mean, c’mon who isn’t right? Getting new things is not only therapeutic (yes, psychology has proven that our brain surely benefits from the activity) it is also essential as we might need to buy stuff to suit our needs as well as many other reasons such as festivals, gifting, personal use and so on. 

Thanks to the pandemic, it had sort of become difficult, contemplating going out every time we thought of planning to step out and shop. However, I must confess that thanks to the growth of multiple online shopping platforms, shopping has become not only an easy but also a fun pursuit.

Now, comes the important question – Which section of products are worth investing in, should I buy imported goods or experiment with Indian-manufactured ones? What kind of products should I be going for?


Well, as I sat trying to figure out my options a few days back, I happened to check out iTokri-an Indian online store for handicrafts which gives a perfect glimpse of traditional Indian craftsmanship. Each and every product available on this website has been sourced directly from craftsmen and hails from various parts of the country. Providing a one-stop shop for Indian handicrafts, artefacts and several other locally made goods, iTokri is surely the next best place to shop, especially for the upcoming festive season, I feel.


What stoked me was the fact that it happens to be one of the most highly trusted stores across India, thanks to the huge number of reviews and feedback it has been getting. Providing me easy access to not only authentic Indian fabrics but also fashion accessories, home décor items, jewellery, woollens, folk art Paintings, Sarees, Stationery as well as a host of other home and personal care products which form a major part of my recurrent shopping list.


Speaking of their fabrics first, the website offers a host of locally manufactured beautiful varieties from tie-dyed to block prints to naturally died, solids, Ajrak, handlooms as well as many others. I personally picked up block art print and a tie-dye pure cotton fabric for myself, keeping in mind the festive season looming ahead where even though cotton, the beautiful prints and the stylish finish of these would surely go a long way to helping me put my style statement forward brilliantly. What is fashion without style and comfort I found both rolled in one?  I also found the sarees to be a real snatch deal.

Coming to their other offerings, there are beautiful idols to liven up your homes, décor items like candles, and stationery which is not only pretty but also sustainable and eco-friendly (yep, you heard right!). 

Oh and I cannot even begin to enlist and detail the beautiful different kinds of handicrafts they have put up there.


Did you know there is practically the entire of India that is shouting itself through their website? Be it the Bagh Block prints of MP, the Bandhani fabrics available, Batik, Bagru Dabu block prints, weaves of different types and textures, applique work products, Banarasi Textiles and products, Bhil Paintings, Beadwork, Chanderi, Coir, Enamel, Gond Painted Products, Hand Knitted Woollens, Kalamkari, Kanchipuram, Leather Ikat or several other techniques, traditions, this website is practically Pandora’s box offering you the most unique as well as the best possible options from practically every state of India. 

Yes, we must go #VocalforLocal. It is time for us to now acknowledge and bring into our lives on a much more substantial level, those products which are made from the hands of our very own local artisans, those local heroes whose skills of honour require due accreditation and celebration. Itokri is the perfect place for you to start this pursuit and ensure that you get the best and that too at rates which are highly competitive. And what’s the best? From the comfort of your own home, or if I daresay, shopping at your fingertips.


So, coming back to the festive season, well I couldn’t resist picking up these amazing fabrics for myself, already in the process of being fashioned into beautiful outfits. The fabric was excellent and so were the designs which absolutely suited my taste and choice. I had been on the lookout for such fabrics for some time now.

Hey, did you know I bought a Wooden Comb which is made from Neem Wood and helps improve blood circulation in the scalp thereby promoting hair growth? The comb was a very good one, with a good feel to it, serving its purpose and also providing the much-needed massage factor which is its USP.

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I also picked a beautiful handmade paper notebook to jot down all my to-do’s in a more sustainable and eco-friendly form of the object. I usually go for handmade paper and the quality was very good. What made it worthwhile a purchase was the jacket cover provided on the notebook, giving me a good protection factor from the preservation point of view.


Hmm, still not convinced? Well, here are 5 reasons why I feel iTokri is the best place to shop for the upcoming festive season
  1. The best possible ensemble all in one place.
  2. Excellent, world-class handicrafts and products by our own local artisans.
  3. The most highly reviewed and acclaimed website for handicraft shopping.
  4. #Vocalforlocal.
  5. A humongous amount of variety to choose from, all at your fingertips.

So, hope you guys liked my shopping recommendations for the festive season. Stay tuned right here at Booxoul for loads more exciting stuff coming up real soon. Till then, 

Happy festive season to you my lovelies and shop till you drop..!

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