10 Mango Drink Ideas to Beat the Summer Heat

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Summers-which is incomplete without mangoes, are also incomplete without refreshing cooling drinks. It is a practice in every household to make and have some kind of mango drink, especially since kids enjoy this delectable fruit, and “mango ke bina garmiyon mein kya mazaa hai?” is the dictum we Indians stand by. So, here we are, presenting to you all 10 mango drink ideas to beat the summer heat.

It is here! The season of the king-aka mangoes is finally here. The sweltering heat is a time when you simply don’t feel like doing much except sinking yourself in the sweet, juicy bites of Alphonso or Kesari and treating yourself to an amazing mango treat.

Ever since I was a child, mango has continued to be that one constant, which for me symbolises and is predominantly associated with summer. Yes, I still remember back then, when we were young (Oh, I still am, you morons, it’s just a figure of speech!), the onset of summer used to simply mean that the official season of indulgence was finally here, and all we would ever wait for was to sink our teeth into the juicy goodness of it.

I still have fond memories of catapulting some of these raw beauties, trying to “fish” them off the trees, plucking them away in a peculiar manner, by attaching an S hook to a thin polythene bag and picking them off the branch of the tree in the garden close to my Nani’s place. Uff, those were priceless memories.

I still enjoy mangoes, indulging in these luscious babies to my heart’s content every year. But, alas, those memories! Well, never mind. Today I thought of bringing you guys 10 mango drink ideas to beat the summer heat. Yes, summer is here, and it is all about beating the heat, isn’t it?

Aam Panna

Well, to begin with, this, I strongly feel, is a staple that you shall find in every second household. While different people have slightly different methods to make this, the basic recipe is the same-a refreshing fusion of mangoes with mint and some rock salt, giving you the perfect appetiser as well as a healthy drink.

Mango Iced Coffee

Ok, this one is offbeat, I agree. But trust me, guys, it is an amazing combo. Think mango puree, milk, and honey all together to make this distinctive and wonderful beverage. Yes, yummy can be healthy too, and this spin on your caffeine kick is proof.

Mango Coconut Smoothie

A tropical variant, this is made using coconut milk, yoghurt, and fresh mango. Yummy and delicious, this one is so soothing to the palate, not to mention easy to make, and yeah, it gives you that restaurant kind of feeling—a Pina Colada-le-Mango! Yummilicious!

Mango Margarita

Ok, don’t get upset; this one is an alcoholic. Created using tequila, lime juice, triple sec, and mango puree, who says alcoholic drinks are boring? Well, not this cocktail, definitely, since it packs the goodness and punch of mango. Bhai, thoda indulgence with some masti toh banta hai!

Mango Lassi

A traditional Indian staple beverage, this one is made using mango pulp, yoghurt, sugar, and cardamom. Many also add some milk to give it a super creamy texture, but I usually refrain, as I feel milk and yoghurt are a combo that should be avoided as much as possible. Nevertheless, to each his own.

Mango Iced Tea

A cool spin-off on traditional iced tea, this one is made using freshly pureed mango and sugar, combining the goodness of tea too. Arey, tea, and mango are like a marriage made in heaven if you ask a chai-lover like me, peeps!

Mango Lemonade

A tangy and sweet drink made with mango puree, lemon juice, sugar, and soda. Move away from soft drinks. Apun ka local “Mango Dada” is here to give you that perfect beverage, aka apun ka “cold drinkkk.”

Mango Kombucha

For a great twist on your regular kombucha, make your usual kombucha brew and add diced ripe mango pieces to it. Let it sit and infuse its flavour in the kombucha for some hours, and hey presto! Here comes a satisfying, refreshing drink that combines sweet and juicy flavours with tangy and effervescent flavours.

Mango Horchata

Ok, an alert-this one is super offbeat! A take on the traditional Mexican rice drink, it uses mango to give it a generous boost of sweetness and flavour. Wanna make it? Soak basmati rice in water for several hours, then drain and add the rice to a blender with water, diced mangoes, sugar, and cinnamon. Blend until smooth, sieve it through a muslin cloth, and serve it cold with a dash of diced mangoes and cinnamon again, for the perfect sweet summery cooler.

Summer Cocktail With Mango and Gin

Possibly the best for last here since this fabulous cocktail is perfect for the hot summer month that we have ahead of us! Rich and delectably creamy, you can use gin (Roku) in this one along with mango sorbet for that tropical, fresh effect. The tanginess and citrusy notes of the sorbet as well as the sake further add intensity to the gin. Pssst, this one is by Jigger & Pony, the No. 2 bar in Asia in 2021! Check it out here:

So, these are 10 mango drink ideas to beat the summer heat.

Do let me know in the comments which ones are your favourites.

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