Master Your Money, Master Your Life by Abhishek Kumar⁣

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I am always wary of reading books related to Money management as they keep on going about the age-old jargons of how not to spend money and invest more and etc. Truth to be told, these jargons don’t work anymore in today’s time, where money has considerably lost its value and life has become quite fast. What we need are ideas and suggestions that are quite simple and less time-consuming. So yeah, I was quite apprehensive when I started reading the book ’Master Your Money, Master Your Life by Abhishek Kumar. But when I slowly walked through these pages, I realized that not all books are the same. ⁣

Abhishek Kumar’s second book Master Your Money, Master Your Life, is backed by thorough research and is a logical-funded treasure trove of strategies. Trust my words when I say that book is a beacon of light, guiding you to the path of strategic goals achieving and mastering your slippery friend ’Money’.⁣

What impressed me most about this book⁣

This book is one of the few books on Finance and strategies, that I’d like reread. The author deals extensively with many topics, and the ideas and strategies mentioned in the book require us to test the ideas and concepts, sometimes repeatedly. ⁣

This book ’Master Your Money, Master Your Life’ doesn’t hustle you into doing things. It guides you one step at a time, busting several money myths – which we were led to believe – on the way. ⁣

⁣The author has divided the book into different segments so that readers can gradually take in things on their own pace. I especially loved the segment ’Five Funds Funda’, and I am quite sure to follow it, in the best possible way.

⁣Though the only drawback of the book was the first half. I had to cross the hurdle of 130 or so pages to know about the money saving strategies. But then the first half wasn’t either bad.⁣

I loved the use of language in the book, especially it being a Non-fiction. Usually, such books are full of vernacular that is not easily understood by the masses. The author here made sure to keep things in a simplistic manner, but also made it quite informative and engaging at the same time. ⁣

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