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Review by Neelam Sharma,

Author: Isabel Allende

Writing Style


What if your life is proceeding towards the end in a similar circumstance it began? Violeta by Isabel Allende, a Book Review…


The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

Michael Altshuler

Wow! This quote today resonates with me completely coz I happened to finish reading Violeta by Isabel Allende and boy wasn’t I completely smacked in the gut of my soul. Umm, blah goes my brain when I think the magnitude of the portrayal Isabel has put through the narrative enamouring and encapsulating a decade worth of experiences, the cacophony of loss, the sheer pain of heartbreak, the multitude of emotions as well as a lifetime worth of experiences that are nothing short of awe-inspiring even though from the life journey of a woman who is touted to be ordinary is spellbinding.

Meet Violeta del Valle, a powerful woman, who in her last days is recounting her life’s journey to her grandson Camilo. A Century spanning everything right from the Spanish Flu to war, struggle, Depression also merges the personal demons she encounters and overcomes through the course of a life marked by struggle, loss, love as well as accomplishment.

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Highlighting the tumultuous times of History, this is not only a heartfelt saga but a roller coaster full of emotions that will surely resonate with everyone who reads it, deep down. Reading this book felt like moving through the passage of time. A passage that had so many endings and as many beginnings. Or rather, it was maybe another way around. I forget as one is bound to after a journey of a decade with a character you loved the instant you came to know her. How happy with life the journey was and how sadness and uncertainty were part of that happiness. Oh, Violeta, you were a good companion to me throughout 336 pages!

One extraordinary woman.
One hundred years of history.
One unforgettable story.

When Violeta moves on forward in her life’s path, as she proceeds it is just not unparalleled tranquillity amidst the chaos it is an unspoken resilience, a resolution to move on in spite of several challenges and curveballs life throws at her. Be it her children, her partner, her relatives, friends or even neighbours, each and every facet of the fine thread of emotional feeling experienced has been put forth in a manner that will strike a chord with the readers.

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I, personally felt very much the pull of the intensity Isabel has tried to fuse through her words. With a strong premise, invested characters and intricately carved plot, Violeta is an absolutely magnificent read. I would personally even want to add here a point that as and how Violeta proceeds through the different paths, every juncture and every crossroad is an isolated musing of sorts for her, something she really has to step over alone, to get on to the next paradigm. I personally could picture my own self in my mind’s eye, isolated sometimes, yet going on, strong and undeterred regardless of wallowing in and surrendering to the tide of the pain that is what sometimes life subjects you to.

Rich, historical background and the vivacity of characters not only add on to the magnanimity of the story but also ensure that each and every character gets a prolific exposure as per their proclivity, having been carved into the story in a manner that is larger than life, yet at the same time relatable common placidly.

Hope you enjoyed reading the book review of Violeta by Isabel Allende.

Kudos to Isabel for creating a masterpiece that is magnanimous as well as relatable.
So that is it from all of us here at Booxoul today. Hope you liked this candid, straight from the heart review of a fabulous title Violeta by Isabel Allende.

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