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Param 1.0

Neelam Sharma
Author: Vaibhav Sonawane


So, tell me, you guys: are you fan of science fiction? On second thoughts, hold on, tell me something: are you the one who has always been interested in reading about the genesis of the earth, its evolution and all related elements but has always been put off owing to the infinite technical details associated with it?

A sci-fi with an intriguing, introspective faction, Param 1.0 by Vaibhav Sonawane is a book that is a unique blend of fiction and science. A tale discussing the elements of genesis as well as evolution against a fun, conversational backdrop of imaginary yet existential characters, Param tries much more than simply decoding scientific concepts and facts. An immersive experience like no other, fasten your seat belts to go on the “evolution ride” of your life like none other before!

Science, especially evolution and its associated theories, has always been a point of fascination for me. Yet, as I look back, I can recall very few pieces of writing in particular that actually do justice to the entire narrative. It is not that the details are missing in any way. It is just to do with the fact that there is a lot of technical or garish data which seems dry at times, almost too overbearing to take all in.

In such a scenario, when I came across Param 1.0, a science fiction book written in a refreshingly new style, I was pleasantly plucked into the study of all elemental facts and concepts related to Earth and its entirety in the universe. Putting across such fundamentals in a non-overwhelming way, it actually discusses and decodes how we humans are simply a by-product, a mere side detail to a big expanse called the cosmos, aka the universe, which, BTW, is inclusive to accommodate all of this and so much more. Diving headfirst into the finer essences of concepts such as identity, origin of humans as a species, their traits, their fads and fallacies, the rise and the fall of all those forces which have a direct and indirect impact in the presence of these elements in the entire interplay of the universe, Vaibhav has coined a tale which is an interesting fusion of fact plus fiction, crafting a novel experience wherein primary elements such as oxygen, hydrogen are actually akin to entities having conversations, discussing everything from their own evolution to destruction of the previous species, their rise and fallout as a whole, decoding candidly, the primary questions of what, why and how related to it.

Not only are Vaibhav’s narrative skills on point, they are quirky as well as informative, ensuring that along with the splay of necessary as well as fundamental information, it is done in a manner so as to keep the readers hooked as well as educated at the same time.

Information, especially relevant knowledge, is tricky business, I feel. Not an easy-peasy piece of pie to bake off, science, especially, is a front, a subject, and a platform that, I feel, has to be treated with meticulous caution and care. That is because the margin of error is so great that one needs to be very careful as to what they are putting on paper by way of detail, fact and research.

And yet, Vaibhav has brilliantly fused all these resonations seamlessly, making sure that we not only grasp and take in all the fundamental aspects of the main idea but that it is done in a manner that is fun as well as enlightening at the same time.

I enjoyed how hydrogen, the most important of all elements, conducted the entire conversation. The manner in which the elements deduced humans themselves to be responsible in a manner for all catastrophes that have befallen them was depicted as an introspection put in a brilliantly metaphorical way. Yes, indeed, for us humans, survival is easy, but reaching our origin is not, as the last line of the narrative puts it across, and this is a thought I, for one, totally agree with. We, as a species, have evolved, no doubt, but in the process we have not valued our resources, only belittling our blessings, not taking due consideration of what prevails and what endowments we have been fortified with by our very own Mother Nature.

A retrospective sci-fi with a look into our own self-conscience, Param 1.0 is a sci-fi I feel, youngsters should especially read, taking in not only the detail part of the narrative but also the introspection Vaibhav has put across by way of this uniquely crafted sci-fi. Yes, sometimes history might be a blend of story and fiction, and at the same time, fact and fiction as part of science is something that is intriguing, and you must delve into this to try and decode the mysteries of the universe as well as the existence of our own species. This is a great piece of writing, and I would recommend it, especially to the younger generation.

So, I hope you guys liked my thoughts on this one. Stay tuned with us right here at Booxoul for the best in the fields of entertainment, food, fun, finance, fashion, travel, education, tech and gadgets, as well as all things bookish.

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