Raksha Bandhan Special: 7 Book Recommendations That Depict Sibling Relationships

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This festive season of Raksha Bandhan, we present book recommendations that depict sibling relationships from Jodi Picoult to Harper Lee to Isabelle Allende. Your reading list for the special season of sibling bonds.

So, it’s that time of the year again-Raksha Bandhan! The time when we bond over beautiful rituals, the promise of protection we give each other-I means we as siblings to each other coz hey why should only a brother vow to protect the sister? It should be both ways, right? No more symbolizing that only the brother can protect the sister. A sister is equally responsible as well as capable of taking care of her brother, if not physically then emotionally. Point noted siblings!

Well, coming back to the festival, as I began my usual preps of lining what to get for gifting my brothers this year, I realized over the years how this day has evolved from being simply a sister tying a Rakhi to her brother to siblings bonding big time to each other’s well-being, prioritizing the best interest of each other in these turbulent times. Indeed, I in fact have always felt that be it any siblings brother sister even sister or brother duos or even an entourage of many siblings all of us need to be dedicated to the larger good always. Why only one day to symbolize and celebrate when technically you love each other unconditionally and must do the same for all 365 days of the year?

Anyways, this year whilst doing my “taiyari” I thought, we at Booxoul should on the occasion of the celebration of this sibling love, bring you a list of 7 books that depict sibling relationships. Hmm, I know you guys will be like Huh, book recommendations for sibling relationships? But, trust me when I say so-these books are some of those emotional roller coasters which shall warm the cockles of your heart and how!

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Set in a small town in Alabama, a coming-of-age story chronicling the childhood atrocities of Scout and Jem Finch as their father Atticus defends a Black man falsely accused of rape. A hard-hitting one, it showcases how they, together face even the most cringe-worthy of situations beautifully if they have each other’s support. A gem of a novel and one of my personal favourites.

Violeta by Isabelle Allende

A journey culminating in a similar set-up as it a began-a magnificent tale of a lifetime, from pandemic to pain to a multitude of emotions this one has it all. One word for it-splendid!

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

A powerful novel of an indelible bond between 2 siblings and a past which refuses to let go of this bestseller is touted to be one of Ann Patchett’s best works. Written in her usual signature style of humour, heartbreak and rage, this one is a dark fairy tale and encapsulates a paradise lost. 

I’ll Give you The Sun by Jandy Nelson

An exceptional piece of writing, this one is a powerful roller coaster. Depicting family conflict and resolution, this one has it all-love, bereavement, sexual orientations and most importantly wonder. A story of 2 twins who try to find their way back to each other after a tragedy. One book is guaranteed to leave you in ruined awe.

My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

Oh my, Jesus, this one was a compulsory toxic! I mean surely the tale of Korede and Ayoola is such that anyone who wishes to truly understand and fathom human nature at its minute best, peeling away the layers one at a time, then guys this is the book for you. Nigerian Author Oyinkan does a fabulous job, weaving us through the dreary webs of some of humanity’s most complex scenarios. Crime reader, this one is a must-pick for you.

American Royals by Katharine McGee

The story of one of the most famous families in the world come to meet the Washingtons who have it all-the glittering ballrooms, the perfect personas, the elegance and yet there is forbidden romance as well as scandalous secrets too. The story of 4 young women who will navigate the drama, gossip as well as the eyes of the world upon them-and yes did I forget to mention that only one can be the Queen? A stellar read.

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Emotional writing this one is emotionally riveting and will surely test you and your tears to the last bit, not to forget the gut-wrenching twist at the end. The story of a thought-provoking yet razor-sharp truth, this one is definitely one of the best works of Jodi Picoult. When grey meets perfection, magical pain is created.

So, hope you guys liked our recommendations for this sibling season. Let us know in the comments below which other recommendations would you like from us. Stay tuned for the best in the field of entertainment, travel, lifestyle, food, fashion, tech and gadgets as well as all things bookish.

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