The Ergonomics of Love: A Review of ‘My Imperfect Love’ by Niharika Jindal

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So, what are your thoughts on Live-in relationships? Do you feel they are worthwhile or are they simply a complete waste of one’s efforts towards building what could be the base of a doomed relationship from the start? Exploring relationship ergonomics through a review of My Imperfect Love by Niharika Jindal.

My Imperfect Love

Neelam Sharma
Author: Niharika Jindal


Is it true that opposites attract indeed? And can love to blossom in the unlikeliest of places? It can if one desires to make the synergy and ergonomics in any relationship work. True love is not about only finding the right person at the right time, rather it is about being able to put everything right even if things go awry and keeping it that way forever.

Surprised at what is causing me to speak in that “romanticised for life” tone? Well, seems as if I am surely caught in the spell of Saahil and Rhea’s love story “My Imperfect Love” by Niharika Jindal. What happens when these 2 protagonists whose worlds are completely different and whose vantage points to life are totally opposite decide to collide? Is it sparks and fireworks for Saahil and Rhea, can they actually make this wondrous relationship they have discovered amongst themselves work or does this actually spell trouble in their emotional paradise? Well, a superb roller coaster of all these life wanderings of the 2 and much more.

So, this one which is a refreshing new tale of “new age” love as I like to call it revolves around Saahil, a carefree, yet emotionally burdened by pain kinda persona and Rhea a smart, ambitious and over-perfect personality who is super dependable kinda persona. So, while Rhea is going to London to pursue her fashion course there, to be able to achieve something in life, there is Saahil on the other hand, doing his Masters’s there. He has a bitter and painful past which he tries to drown by partying away and not taking life too seriously. That is when Rhea comes into his life and changes happen. But as we all know nothing is easy in life, not even changes.

When the two meet, the first impression is certainly not pleasant. Whether they get over this and change their perception towards each other in future or whether things go haywire, well you gotta read it to know more. Albeit one thing I must add here. Live-in, a concept which has recently been doing more rounds than ever before is also an idea, a concept explored in this one.

You know I always feel that those children who come from parents with broken relationships have a harder time in life than others since they tend to pay the price, for a situation they did not even choose to be a part of, in the first place. Yes, it is very difficult for them to be able to trust and adapt to things. Niharika has through Saahil and his personality made us privy to all such challenges and the emotional repercussions faced by such children. Likewise, sometimes, in the passing of or in the absence of one of the parents, the child always tends to grow up before time, maturing in a manner which is phenomenal. Taking care of not only their own emotional well-being but also the well-being of their other parent is something we see in them. Girls, in fact especially have this ability to bond big time, bridging all gaps and making life smoother for their other parents. Beautifully portrayed again through Rhea’s character here.

I love the camaraderie Rhea and her mom share-it is like this cool BFF kind of vibe these two ladies have which actually made me reminiscent of the equation I have with my own mom. And also, I loved the way in which the relationship ergonomics between Saahil and Rhea develops since it made me aware of all the challenges a couple might have to go through to give themselves a chance at being with each other. Their tete-a-tete was nice to read although 

I have one small issue here. I was somehow not too satisfied with the ending of the story and I felt it could have been better planned than what it is eventually shown to be. I know live-in is a fast-growing reality in our society today, thriving and surviving in spite of age-old customs related to marriages and divorces. Yes, it is surely very tricky today to make any relationship work well and it is definitely not a one-way street. Rather, a relationship is all about Pandora’s box which you first need to be able to fill in order to extricate something from it in return.

A good read, this story sheds light on the relationship dynamics in today’s fast-changing scenario and will surely make you go back and mull it big time. Sometimes, when you have a reason to hang in there in life, that I feel is all that one needs to continue to move forward with zeal and zest.

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Pick this one up especially when you are travelling and want to be engaged in a good romantic read with bits of light humour to keep you entertained. With clear language usage, this is one story captured creatively and beautifully. Bookmark it for your next breakthrough read.

So, hope you guys liked my book review ‘My Imperfect Love’ by Niharika Jindal.

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