A Review of Ruby Pi Adventures Series by Tom Durwood

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Ruby Pi Adventures Series by Tom Durwood: The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Geometry Girls and The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Maths Girls are a set of books in which the writer Tom Durwood has made applicative learning such as math and geometry the star of the show, weaving them in the narrative seamlessly and showing how knowledge can overcome the trickiest of scenarios.

So, tell me, you guys, what are your thoughts on mathematics? Do you guys like the subject?

Ok, ahem, I will change my question—how about learning, understanding, and adhering to its application and its illustration in real life? And geometry? Don’t you think it is equally vital as a subject, considering its importance in many walks and aspects of life? 

My most recent reads are two of Tom Durwood’s most recent books, which contain short stories about the magic of mathematics and geometry and their true importance in real life. Seamlessly interweaving math and geometry into adventure stories, Tom here has given us a couple of great titles that will be suitable for readers of all ages. And the best part is that, while these stories will resonate with readers of all ages, they will also undoubtedly cause many to break free from their conservatism, particularly when it comes to their perception of math or geometry as a subject that is becoming less relevant.

The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Geometry Girls: Teen Heroines in History Use Geometry, Algebra, and Other Mathematics to Solve Colossal Problems (Ruby Pi Adventure Series) by Tom Durwood

To begin with, Ruby Pi and the Geometry Girls is a fantastic piece of fiction that combines the fascinating aspects of geometry with history. There were so many elements and colours in this narrative, fusing humour with wit and cultural idiosyncrasies as well as possibilities. Rupa, aka Ruby Pi, an intelligent student, fights the shackles of prejudice after she and her team inspect a fragmented cathedral. When she discovers the numerous mysteries that adorn and surround the site after landing a contract for the excavation, an intriguing rigmarole of unspoken secrets and the discovery of many elements embedded in the course of time in the scenario begins.

Yes, it truly felt nostalgic, almost as if I were a part of some Sherlock Holmes mystery, unravelling multiple aspects as they presented themselves to me in the course of reading this one. Not only Ruby but also her companions sail through this one with conviction and trust in their ability to deal with the challenges presented to them.

Take any tale from the 10 in this collection, and I will say that it is quite a bit dished out, and one can easily resonate with what Tom actually wants to bring to the table, landing his thought in precisely the manner he has presumably visualized.

The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Math Girls: Teen Heroines in History Use Geometry, Algebra, and Other Mathematics to Solve Colossal Problems (Ruby Pi Adventure Series)

Coming to the second one in the series “Ruby Pi and the Maths Girls,” this one begins with the tale of the death of famous mathematician Warinda, and Ruby gets onto the mystery, marking it with a personal vengeance of sorts. With the help of her friends, she successfully uses mathematics to discover and solve the issues that threaten to challenge and disrupt the circumstances completely. The vitality of math, its viability, and its usefulness in real life are brilliantly depicted in each situation and every tale as Ruby and her friends proceed along the twisted and dangerous path, and even something as straightforward as a card game becomes a surreptitious piece of trade to earn more thanks to the mathematical techniques they adopt.

Knowledge, a gift accumulated as a result of our trysts with time and the collage of our experiences, should not be wasted and used sparingly and yet in a wise manner too. 

The first book in the series has girls from five different eras who use their expertise in code-breaking, engineering, statistical analysis, architecture, and economics to solve issues pertaining to them. The second is similar, with stories of intelligent women using their mathematical prowess in various ways to help people and societal causes around them. 

A stark reminder of how the bad always triumphs over the good, these tales have been written in a fun, engaging manner, covering vitalities from a multi-dimensional perspective. Each and every character created by Tom in the course of these two books has been written with a clear intention and purpose, assimilating into some fine writing where Tom has smartly put across not only the importance of application-based problem solving but also made sure that he rekindles and sparks the attention of readers. 

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An unusual and innovative set of stories thrive; the books are different yet similar from the point of view of putting across a distinct message and philosophy: where there is perseverance and wit, the truth shall always thrive, and any problem can be overcome by using a combo of these two.

Grab a copy if you’re looking for a fun read where innovation and intelligence collide in a sort of breakthrough read.

Ruby Pi Adventure Series

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Author: Tom Durwood

So, I hope you guys liked my review of Ruby Pi Adventures Series by Tom Durwood.

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