Skill Builder Science series by Sonia Mehta

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Science is one subject that we all enjoy. But teaching it to the kids and making sure that they don’t lose interest while we teach them, can be a tricky business. Thanks to the author Sonia Mehta, who has come up with yet another series ‘Skill Builder Science, that makes reading and learning a lot more fun for kids. 

‘Skill Builder Science’ series have four books. Each level of books deals with different topics such as Weather, Bio-degradable, Water Cycle, Types of Landforms, Parts of a plants, First-aid kit, Hygiene, Essential nutrients, species of animals, etc, presented in a very engaging way for kids.

These books are full of fun activities such as puzzles, riddles, and questions that will help to improve the analytical and observation skills of young children. Although the activities provide only an outline of the subject, they are structured so that the children will definitely find it interesting. Parents can Also choose the right level and encourage their children to learn according to their interest and potential.

All in all, it’s a good series. Parents who have kids in second or third grade would definitely find this series quite helpful. Definitely worth a try, these set of books.

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