Rose’s Bent Stem by Nomita Khanna

Review of the Book Rose's Bent Stem by Nomita Khanna

This year has been really good in regards to reading good books, compared to last year. I got to read some of the finest books by Indian writers, which is to be quite rare. Nomita Khanna’s book ‘Rose’s Bent Stem’ is one of those books that kept me hooked throughout. In fact, it turned out to be a completely well-executed surprise for me. Why a surprise, you ask me? Well, for one, I had thought it to be an average love story kind of book, but rather it turned out to be a psychological thriller. My favorite genre, you see… So imagine my delight when the book started taking shape in front of my eyes. I was in complete awe of her writing style. Intricate and executed well. The writing and the narrative of the book blew my mind off the walls. It was gripping, heart racing, a complete thrilling drama that gave me a jolt of shock so strong that I was rendered speechless. Furthermore, it was smooth as a flowing river and eerie as the nursery rhymes used in the book, which gave goosebumps. I could literally feel my hair standing on end. Moreover, loved the language used in the book, fresh, easy and free-flowing. I was lost in the story that was a maze of twists and turns so intense that at the end of the story, one had to remind herself to breathe deep and have a cup of hot tea. Though at some places, I thought it was stretched a bit long, and that kind of was off-putting, otherwise no bother. It is an amazing job done by Nomita. Penning a real-life story, that could have gone either way. It was a risk she dared to take. As I reckon writing a psychological story needs lots of details taken care of. The book is very vividly written in a diary form. Very graphically detailed. Ergo, not everybody’s cup of tea. I highly recommend this book to all who like Crime/Thrillers. This book has earned a 4 on 5 stars for its gripping story and strong plotline. .   .   .   .   . Love reading suspense thriller, then definitely check this book out and also, visit more of our suspense thriller book reviews and recommendations. Happy Reading 🙂