Childhood With Wings of Imagination-Compendium of Original Creative Works by Children 2023

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Did you know that it is said that it is extremely crucial that kids start inculcating the habit of reading right from the age of 3? In fact, after 5 years, they ought to fall into a pattern where they are into a routine of reading relatable tales and also learning to imagine those and live in them in their mind’s eye. Especially the tasteful doodles done by kids at such a tender age are actually a true depiction of how they perceive the world.

The Compendium of Original Creative Works by Children 2023 is an assimilation of such stories and artworks that aims to ensure that such brilliant talent does not remain untapped and that each and every child gets to read the best they deserve in this lifetime.

Compendium of Original Creative Works

Neelam Sharma
Author: Children


You know, I always feel that children are those species who are truly the unexpected ones, akin to birds of magic who decide to have flights undeterred, regardless of any inhibitions, splaying and wandering along the path they glide along. I am referring to our young writers here, especially the ones from the smaller age groups who decide to turn to write, making us privy to their wonderful thoughts and imagination. 

You know, I feel that the best part about young talent is the fact that they have no boundaries to their imagination, which makes them truly and substantially more inclined to deliver the best possible stories for us to dive into. And in case you guys are wondering what book could have possibly sent me into this frenzy of an overdrive, revelling in some amazing children’s works, well there is this amazing new book I read titled Compendium of Original Creative Works by Children 2023, an assimilation of stories written by children aged 7 to 15 years of age and selected after careful analysis, getting forth the best possible ones. The book, published by TheMadhatter for Children, an organisation whose purpose is to provide the perfect platform for children to showcase and display their talents, is full of amazing stories written by children from various schools across Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Pune.

To begin with, I must first take a moment to congratulate the entire Madhatter team, which was able to put together such a beautiful assimilation of stories that are not only sweet and simple, but genuine and, most importantly, written from the heart. The best part about these tales is that, having been written in a bid to pay an ode to those innocuously magical, splendid times of childhood, these tiny wanderings and observations made by these young yet prolific little writers make you want to go back to those times and live that time of life yet again. The simple fact that the editorial panel at Madhatter chose the works based on the sheer brilliance and merit of the content, keeping age as a secondary criterion, is proof of their excellence.

Yes, children, especially the younger generation, are no longer like what I fondly refer to as the “small cutie babies” we were when we were their age back then. A true extract of the most fertile content, these tales are not simply all about fantasy; they are pure proof of how excellence has no age bar.

Coming to some of my favourites, well, firstly, to be honest, I think it would be unfair to the group to pinpoint a few select stories in particular since all the children have done a brilliant job, giving their ultimate best. And truly speaking, it was an absolute delight delving into each and every tale, soaking in the beauty of their thoughts. Just to mention a few-A Magical Holiday, Back to the Past, A Dollop of Magic, and The Mystery of the Coffee Shop are some of the ones that were really amazing to read.

As far as the diction and expression of the narratives were concerned, they were superb, and so was their storytelling technique, which had the true ability to transport one to another land altogether. Also, the fact that the book followed no truly fixed, conventional format as far as putting it in genres was concerned was what I felt was a huge differentiator that made it a cut above the others. The children have even added the meanings of difficult words to ensure that whoever is reading it-young or old—is able to grasp and get the correct hang of the tales.

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To sum it up for you guys, as the Madhatter team has fondly put it, “Be equal to your talent, not your age. That’s why dreams must come a size too big so we can grow in them.” Yes, guys, this is a strong pursuit by the Madhatter team to keep that dream alive and in motion, creating and lauding excellence along the way. To be able to give such an opportunity to children to help them feature their best skill sets and writing, giving a strong ground to their inner talent, is no mean feat, which has been successfully achieved through this assimilation. It is a superb read, you definitely have got to bookmark this one for the summer vacation reading, especially if you want your child to be gadget-free and doing something that is entertaining as well as educational (not to mention exciting reading, guys!)

So, I hope you guys liked my book review of Compendium of Original Creative Works by Children 2023.

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