TALENT VS. NEPOTISM : The Journey for Fame by Amarnath K A

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Talent vs Nepotism
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TALENT VS. NEPOTISM :The Journey for Fame is a guide book written by Amarnath K A for young talents to effectively express their skills before the public in this nepotic era. It discusses how nepotism and inequality of opportunity act as a barrier to the growing talents, and also the ways to overcome them.

The author demonstrates the idea by choosing the same path which he has designed for his readers to follow him, in the hope of inspiring other aspiring talents.

The idea is conveyed through a metaphorical story with Talent and Nepotism as fictional characters so that people of any age can easily relate to.

The book becomes relevant in the current social situation since people get depressed about being unable to present their abilities and eventually commit suicide.

It available in both ebook and print format. It is available in Amazon, Play Store(books) and Google Books and pothi.com(print).

Talent Vs. Nepotism
Talent Vs. Nepotism

Talent, Talent and Nepotism, Talent and Nepotism

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