The 3I Effect: Decoding Intent, Intelligence and Integrity for a Wholesome Life by Abhishek Agarwal – A Book Review

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Indeed, the secret to achieving success lies in following 3 important principles that exist in all of us. The trick is simply to be able to identify and bring them all together, applying them at every stage of our life to enjoy success as well as a truly wholesome existence. The 3I Effect: Decoding Intent, Intelligence and Integrity for a Wholesome Life by Abhishek Agarwal is a handbook which gives us a detailed foray into these 3 I’s namely intelligence, Intent as well as Integrity to be able to crack the formula, take that leap of faith, believe in oneself as well as embark upon a truly delightful and enlightening journey

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

Colin Powell.

Oh yes indeed, I have always felt that success by itself is a procedure. The going onto a tricky path, the fall, the getting back up on track-all this is a part of that procedure. 

Each and every one of us needs something in our lives. It may be anything from mere validation, to leading a quiet and peaceful life, to achieving monetary success and fame to a host of other things. In a nutshell, we all desire success in one or the other manner constantly. However, how many of us actually have a solid action plan for this? 

I always feel that success is simply not a destination but also the path towards its fulfilment is what constitutes success. And today, I must admit that I just came across a writer whose thought process and vision is one that exactly matched mine and resonated with it and how! The 3I Effect: Decoding Intent, Intelligence and Integrity for a Wholesome Life by Abhishek Agarwal is a book which shows us how a well-rounded, successful life is achievable with the help of 3 principles which must be applied in order to gain the same. The trio of Intent, Intelligence and integrity can together lead one to not only enjoy a wholesome existence but also revolutionize one’s personal as well as professional life. These principles which exist in all of us, have simply to be sought for correctly, assimilated and applied correctly together.

So, whilst I embarked upon this fabulous journey laid down by writer Abhishek Agarwal, I realized how he has given a bifurcated, step-by-step breakdown and also explained the pointers giving preference to different sets of people at different times, citing and chalking out the different preference for each one of them separately. 

Not simply being another random assimilation of your usual trial and error write-ups which adorn the market by the dozen, this one here written by Abhishek ensures that each and every pointer has been given enough justification and theory backed by proof which will ensure that you understand the philosophy of the finer points put across too. Not just another success-oriented title, this one is an inspirational read that discusses real success mantras decoding the philosophy of mastering as well as achieving real success. A tried and tested formula-based approach, ‘The 3I Effect’, whilst applicable to the workplace, is equally a valuable contributor to helping one understand the ergonomics of work and personal space. From giving the importance of intent aka intention behind every endeavour to intelligence being a key contributor to one’s success along with integrity, this book is not a mine of information but also one that has multiple priceless treasures which you can incorporate into your life by way of a critical takeaway and benefit immensely.

Citing these 3 as tools one needs to equip oneself with to set themselves apart from everyone else in their field, Abhishek has stressed the importance of how when once the readers follow the rules and approach, he has cited through this one, their outlook on their lives as well as their goals shall be transformed and that too for the better.

I especially strongly resonated with how Abhishek has sectionized his vantage differently for the different categories of people he has tried to give these life-changing formulas. Yes, indeed the 3I might be kind of applicable universally albeit their usage and intensity might be differently answerable and pursuable in different categories of people and Abhishek has addressed this brilliantly. When it comes to a high school graduate, the perspective stands different from that of a college student or even the eventual job seeker. Similarly, the rules might be applied differently in different setups, be they personal or professional. In fact, I personally was stoked by how he has even given the detailed breakup for a housewife as well as a working wife separately. Yes, we may argue that both are the same and need a similar ground and bone of contention, yet we must acknowledge that there might be slightly different applicability involved when it comes to the two of them.

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Prioritizing oneself in terms of personal as well as workplace ideal etiquettes, Abhishek has cited working examples of famous celebrities such as Elon Musk, owner of Twitter and Tesla, Richard Branson, Virgin founder and others to explain his theories and pointers for striking that perfect balance and maintaining that desirable equilibrium in our paths to our desired success. A must-read for all alike, this one is an all-around important journal that will truly help you decode success and how.

The 3I Effect: Decoding Intent, Intelligence and Integrity for a Wholesome Life

Neelam Sharma
Author: Abhishek Agarwal



The ultimate treasure of this world is the secret to success. Each person wishes to grasp this omnipotent secret, but popular culture dictates that success is exclusive. Is that true? Is a successful life only meant for a selected few? The Formula of 3I proves otherwise. It shows how a well-rounded life is achievable with the help of three powerful principles. These principles exist in each individual; the only challenge is to recognize and apply them together. This book tells you how to apply these principles at every stage to enjoy a wholesome existence. If you’re keen to revolutionize your personal or professional life, the 3I Formula can be your guide. Take a leap of faith, believe in yourself, and embark on this enlightening journey.


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