The Last Dawn by Shyam Kumar

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The Last Dawn

The Last Dawn by Shyam Kumar

This is a tale of love, hope, family and the never ending wait. The Last Dawn is a story of Raj, and his love for one woman. A woman he craved most in his life. Anjali.

The story spans across thirty seven years of Raj’s life, where he meets many women but falls in love with only one. But fate rudely intervenes and forces him to sacrifice his one true love and marry someone else. And so the year trickle by and so does his hope of finding his love that is Anjali.

What do I think of the of the story?

Shyam’s The Last Dawn was a beautiful and an emotional read. A different experience altogether. It was a melancholic journey of waning hope.

The author narrated the story in his own pace.It was neither slow nor fast. It was smooth as flowing river, I was being swept in its every way. Author took his own time weaving such intricate emotions we humans go through into a beautiful quilt of a story.

Furthermore, language used in book is easy to understand and crisp although I felt it needed more editing otherwise it was all good.

What do I think of characters 

The characters were taken from our everyday life. I could relate to their life in so many ways. So humane and had a very middle classy vibes to them. One can see author’s hardwork in crafting the characters. The most incredible thing about the book was that it had only 3-4 characters to focus on, rest were shadows that flitted in and out of story for just a few secs.

Do l recommend this book 

Yes, l highly recommend this book. Though this book is for mature readers  and don’t mind reading a book laced with heavy emotions.

I give it a 3.5 stars out of 5.

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