The Leap by Nita Bajoria

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The Leap

When you have a toddler around you, Kindle becomes your best friend as paper books are not safe at home. Thanks to Booxoul, it seems after ages I have read a paperback and it was a pleasant experience.

As aptly mentioned by various studies around the world and Author Nita, Earth is no longer a suitable place for us or to be precise, way to mention that through our selfishness and greed, we are making this earth unsuitable for us. Thus, in this contemporary science fiction novel, few scientists decide that they need to search new home for humans that is Mars and the journey begins. Though this concept sounds familiar due to various Hollywood blockbuster movies, nevertheless author has ensured that there is far more than just a familiar concept.

“Following the light of the sun, we left the old world”

For colonizing on Mars few people are selected from various countries and each person has their own motive to be part of this project. This project is a dream come true for few people but for few it’s just an escape route from life complexities and terrible past.

Under project The Red Planet, they have to leave this earth and set up a permanent home on Mars, no looking back is possible. However, before leaving earth they have to prepare themselves by simulation.

The best part about this novel is that there is a background story for each character which makes them real and relatable for me. But at the same time, too many stories will be baffling for someone who does not finish a novel in a few days.

As narration is very aesthetic, it is fun to read and each character story is defining a complex life of an individual. I was rooting for Michael who believed that ‘Life is a one-way ticket to death anyway’ but somehow in the second half his character was non-existent.

There were a few times where the story seemed little stretched and predictable. Also, cover page design is not justifying this interesting novel.

However, different backstories have made this novel as thoughtful gripping sci-fi creation. I would like to rate this book as 4 out of 5 and I will be looking forward to the next part.

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