7 Tips You Should Remember Before You Start Your Blog

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So, while my journey of expressing myself through words began many years ago, blogging has become something that comes naturally to me. Being a creative influencer, I have always felt the pull of being able to connect faster and on a more grass-roots level with not only my readers but also all those who I come in contact with or get acquainted with. That is simply because, as influencers, our task does not only include keeping our audiences in the know as to the latest and best but also involves understanding their mindsets and thoughts about things rather than only conveying ours to them. 

Yes, blogging is that open mic, a universal platform for everyone to go out there and communicate their thoughts, feelings, and emotions without having to physically come forward, which is, by the way, a major challenge that many people face when sharing their thoughts and ideas. fear of speaking in front of a crowd, fear of being judged And yet, blogging as a platform, fortunately, oversteps all of these bottlenecks, thus coming across as the perfect platform for one to be able to come forth to share their thoughts and ideas.

So, to elaborate, blogging is actually a source of comfort for me. Writing what I feel about a certain book or any other topic that comes to mind or about which I feel my readers want to know my opinion is what actually gives me a sense of relief, a sense of having been heard. Yes, it is the perfect outlet for me to not only let that weirdo in my brain come out and give its random brain farts (kidding 😊😊!) but it can also become a means to earn and generate income in the long run if done well and in a rule-bound manner.

Yes, blogging can be hugely beneficial in the long run, providing you with that source of income you have been wanting to explore and test for a long time now. However, before you begin testing its waters, I want to share some tips with you guys that can be extremely beneficial for you all to keep in mind before embarking upon the journey of blogging. In fact, I wish someone had revealed these to me earlier when I was struggling to set up and write my own blogs. Anyways, sharing is caring, and I truly believe in it and stand by the dictum and ideology of letting others know and partake of the knowledge I have gained over the years from my experience.

So, here are seven tips you should remember before you start your blog:

It’s all about learning

7 Tips You Should Remember Before You Start Your Blog-learning

First and foremost, remember that this is your first time. So be a bit kind to yourselves. Understand that you will make mistakes, and that is fine. It is a part of the learning process itself. So, don’t be afraid to go all in and start publishing, putting out new content, ideas, and things you believe will help you connect with your audiences. Making plans and strategies can be difficult because it is obvious that your original plan will be changed several times. So, stop thinking and start writing and publishing!

Build that email list

7 Tips You Should Remember Before You Start Your Blog-Email List

The first step I feel is the primary one towards building your audience: a great email list. You may have a list of potential readers, friends, family, and many others who may be interested in reading your blog, your thoughts, and your ideas. Make that email list and send your content in that manner so that they can reconnect with you and give their feedback, delving into what you have provided to them. Instant engagement, see? 

That way you can slowly build your viewership, eventually getting into what I refer to as “the influencer’s shoes,” being able to “influence,” and having the power to monetize the same.

Outsourcing content

Ok, this one is super important, guys. Don’t shy away from getting content from the outside. Don’t behave like a nerd by not wanting to experiment or using content written by someone else. It is not like you are not good, but understand that “variety is the spice of life.” If you want to grow your site, you are surely going to need more content. So, either engage a good writing online portal or service or hire a writer. Yes, content writers are important, and you must realise and acknowledge their importance. Outsourcing is beneficial in every profession.

Avoid going niche

Oh yeah, don’t try to play a master-of-one-trade sort of game since it certainly will take you downhill. Imagine being stuck in the same rut over a period of time. It feels great at first, but later on, trust me, it is so uncool! 

As a result, it’s critical to understand that your blog must have a universal appeal, appealing to everyone at once rather than a specific group. Go broader with your spectrum and domain, guys.

Prioritise social media

7 Tips You Should Remember Before You Start Your Blog-Social Media

Yes, it is an underrated yet true reality. Refrain from prioritising social media in Year 1 for the simple reason that you might end up spending more time on it with less devotion to actually creating worthy content. Because social media is more distracting than useful, I believe it is more harmful than beneficial in the first year. So, set rules on its usage, my friends, and also how much you want to delve into it along with it. Also, think about how much you want the social media platforms to act as clickbait for your content. Do so only if absolutely necessary, and stay focused on your main goal, which is to write and share.


7 Tips You Should Remember Before You Start Your Blog-Backlinking

Yes, creating these in either direction—you writing for other sites and similarly, other writers writing on yours—is an excellent way to boost and accelerate content production while also ramping up your posts and increasing your visibility exponentially.

A backlink always makes a blog appear more appealing, relatable, and “trustworthy” in the eyes of the readers, so make sure you provide your sources to generate trust.


7 Tips You Should Remember Before You Start Your Blog-Monetization

Yes, money will come, but you have to be patient since nothing happens overnight. It takes time to reach an echelon, and the game is all about waiting and perseverance, along with creating relentlessly and never giving up the pursuit of fresh creativity. There are words from the wise for you all. Hear Hear! Go all out and conquer the world, ma’babies!


So, I hope you guys found this article on “7 Tips You Should Remember Before You Start Your Blog.”

Stay tuned with us right here at Booxoul for the best in the fields of entertainment, lifestyle, fun, finance, fashion, tech, and gadgets, as well as all things bookish.

Ciao peeps!

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