Varunika Rajput: Spotlighting Super Mom and Author Of ‘Women and Their World’

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Going the writ way: Author Varunika Rajput

Just write. Because everything else is secondary. Even a bestseller must be first written. Take the first step which is writing with confidence and sincerity. The rest can be taken care of later.

Wise words by a phenomenal new Author on the block, Varunika Rajput’s ‘Women and their World: Tales of Love, Loss and Survival‘ is a collection of 7 short stories baring it all-the good, the bad and the ugly of being a woman in this hypocritic world. A hard-hitting honest tribute to women all over, this one is one writing which has been with me, subconsciously, after I delved into these slices of life which are not only an ode to women but also give us a true insight into why we women, in spite of being the harbinger of happiness and love, fail to stay happy and free ourselves, thanks to the fault in our stars.

A highly popular blogger at Momspresso, she also has her own site by the name of The Lotus Flower Diary. Striving to deliver a smile and some perspective through her writing, here is a writer who decided to play the adventures of life, courtesy of a brilliant rooted and humble upbringing which gave her the privilege of knowing several women who were heroes despite their paltry existence in society’s eyes. When she began blogging in 2020, she happened to connect with many women who had so much to share with her by way of many intriguing confessions and stories that Varunika herself confesses that it was pretty overwhelming for her to be able to absorb it all, at that time. In fact, all she could feel at that point was the manner in which the universe was validating her feelings and beliefs. 

Varunika feels that there is so much that happens in a woman’s life that people are either not aware of or that they choose to ignore willingly despite being aware of it. This is actually what also is the backdrop of her latest book, which she started to write acknowledging these facets.

Whilst she feels that slowly and yet surely, the percentage of women who are expected to bend to society’s will and wish is diminishing, she strongly feels that most Indian middle-class women do face the unreasonable weight of these expectations. Whilst some drown, many survive this melee too, breaking free of the shackles surrounding them.

Ask her about her real-life inspirations behind creating this stellar narrative and she states that one of her characters “Lakshmi” from the story “The Eyes of Lakshmi” has been a strong motivation for her to pen down these tales for all to pore through.

A writer with a purpose, Varunika believes in writing with a lot of love and purity at heart, wanting to bring a smile to someone’s face, and giving another being a moment of peace and hope. Going on forth with such simplistic yet brilliant perceptions, she proceeds on her journey, not wanting to compromise or kill her joy of writing in the pursuit of meeting any other high-end expectations.

A helicopter mom of two sharp young girls, she always seems to be living on the edge. Writing without a pattern whenever she gets time, she grabs her pen to put to her paper whenever she gets time, late in the night or even before sunrise. Living in this manner, on the edge, is how she confesses she came by to write the first draft of this book. Anyways, she feels that setting aside dedicated writing hours is how most books happen. 

Whilst this multitasker super mom enjoys travelling, reading and baking too, Varunika also hold a  Post graduate diploma in management. Having closely worked with several educational institutions as a management faculty as well as a communication and life skills trainer, Varunika is a master of many traits. Also a prominent blogger, The Lotus Flower Diary, she says, is her humble endeavour to bring some smile and perspective to her readers’ lives, especially in a world wrecked by trolls and cynicism. She sincerely feels that nowadays there is so much negativity being siphoned through various blogging sites and social media handles that anyone who decides to take a moment to read her blog should take home a moment of peace, joy and hope despite the many disappointments in their life. Sharing the daily wanderings of life, and any worthwhile incidents happening around is what forms part of her blog stories.

So, hope you guys take a minute to check out her latest on Amazon and delve into her brilliant writing and insights. Join me today in wishing this wonderful super mom cum Author the very best for all her future endeavours too. Hope she continues to take us on such fun-filled rides always through a foray into her perspectives. Also, stay tuned with us right here at Booxoul for the best in the field of entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, food, fun, finance, education as well as all things bookish.

Ciao peeps!

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