5 Apocalyptic Web-Series that make 2020 sound like a good-dream

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Hello readers/non-readers/writers/bloggers/children/adults/humans/aliens;
basically everyone!!!! We are almost a month into the New Year I and hope
it’s been good to you. Well, it has to be better than the last, nearly
apocalyptic one. And yes, in case you are wondering why I am talking about
that wretched year again, it’s because I CANNOT get it out of my mind (for
don’t know how long) But we don’t have to mourn the year. I have curated a list of 5 apocalyptic web-series that tell us how 2020 could have been much worse. Binging a spooky show can definitely take awful thoughts out of our minds, right?

Here they go:

1. The Walking Dead:
5 Apocalyptic Web-Series that make 2020 sound like a good-dream - The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

The world is being trampled by Zombies and Sheriff Rick Grimes has climbed the ladder to become the leader of the human survivor group. In this post-apocalyptic state, Rick and his group try to find a safe home. The 10 season show (season 11 releasing sometime soon), first premiering in 2010 has taken everyone, including me, in its stride. I am on the 5th season right now, and let me tell you, it’s gory. Some of you might get a little freaked out because people drop dead ALL THE TIME! But again, it’s a zombie show and death is inevitable! I have become a huge fan of Rick, and you will know why when you watch it.

You can stream The Walking Dead Netflix

2. Van Helsing
5 Apocalyptic Web-Series that make 2020 sound like a good-dream - Van Helsing
Van Helsing

Set in future, Van Helsing revolves around the story of Vanessa Van Helsing, who wakes up from coma to find the world overrun by vampires. Bad timing. And it gets worse still when Vanessa finds that she has the ability to turn vampires back into humans because of her unique blood composition. This naturally puts a huge target on Vanessa’s back but she’s the only one who can protect humanity. The plot sounds really interesting and I can’t wait to watch this one. It is a 4 season series with season 5 releasing sometime in 2020.

You can watch Van Helsing on Netflix.

3. The Rain:
5 Apocalyptic Web-Series that make 2020 sound like a good-dream - The Rain
The Rain

The Rain is again a post-apocalyptic series where the world ends because of a virus. A virus caused by rain. Siblings Simone and Rasmus emerge from a bunker after 6 years to find everyone dead. Well, not exactly everyone. There’s a group of survivors which the siblings find and they all start to bond together. Other than the world-ending part, the 3 season show also shows how some things never change even in disaster. It’s a survivalist story with love, friendships and coming-of age stories and that blend is absolutely perfect. The only minus point here is, the series is Danish, so you will have to depend on subtitles

You can stream The Rain on Netflix.

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4. iZombie:
5 Apocalyptic Web-Series that make 2020 sound like a good-dream - iZombie

First released in 2015, iZombie revolves around Olivia, a newly turned zombie who despite being a zombie has not lost her morals. To satisfy her appetite of human brains and not kill innocents, she starts working in a morgue and eats the victim’s brains. She realizes she adapts the personality of that person and even some memories; which in turn helps in solving cases. Though the plot is stomach-turning, I find it quite noble for a zombie. The series spans over 5 seasons, and if you might be wondering about the apocalypse part, it comes in the last 2 seasons.   

iZombie is available for you to stream on Netflix.

5. The Last Ship:
5 Apocalyptic Web-Series that make 2020 sound like a good-dream - The Last Ship

A US navy ship is sent to the arctic for a 6 month secret mission. When they return home, there’s no home left. A deadly, very contagious virus has broken out and more than half of the world is dead. The crew members can’t go on land for the fear of catching the virus. And they are the last hope for a vaccine. The 5 season TV series is a must-watch. It is a heart-breaking, amazing show, and oh I loved it so much. The portrayal of leadership, team-work and love is so damn good! I fell in love with every character and couldn’t help breaking down when someone died. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS!!!!!

You can stream The Last Ship on Amazon Prime Video.

Our list ends here but do let us know in the comments about all the must-watch apocalyptic series that make 2020 feel like a good dream!


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