6 Best Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix

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Hello, everyone! Has anyone watched any Korean dramas lately? When I started watching them, I was so confused. So many people had given me their opinion and criticism, I had no idea where to start!! So, to make it easier, I’m going to be accumulating a list of 6 Best Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix without constantly running out of things to watch (we all know it happens).

1. Cloy (Crash Landing on You)

CLOY, Crash Landing on You or Love’s Emergency Landing, was a television series, first airing in South Korea and then worldwide on Netflix. Written by Park Ji-eun and directed by Lee Jeong-hyo, the series was sent out in 2019-2020 and is today the third highest-rated South Korean TV drama on television in cable history. 

In this series, an heiress from a rich family named Yoon Se-Ri from South Korea crash-lands in the demilitarized zone of North Korea. There, she meets a Special Forces Unit captain named Ri Jeong-Hyeok. This army officer decides to help her hide out of sight, so that she isn’t captured. 

It is a modern Romeo-Juliet story and is engaging because of the opposite personalities. 

It does primarily focus on the two protagonists but also involves their past, mystery and action. It’s a stress-eating series, every episode ending with a cliff-hanger and involves their family politics. Like any great story, the sidekicks are brilliant and funny. 

Something absorbing about the story not based on the plot is the differences between North and South Korea and the numerous culture shocks which really portrays the difference between the two.  

There isn’t any official notice talking about a season 2 but it’s rumored to come out next year.  

2. Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun is another drama based in the military.  It is one season long with 19 episodes (16+3 special) first airing in 2016, all episodes airing within a month’s time. 

A military officer, Yoo Si-Jin, is the captain of the South Korean Special Forces Unit. The master sergeant and his friend, Seo Dae-young, apprehend a motorcycle thief who is injured during the scuffle. They take the man to the hospital where they meet Dr. Kang Mo-yeon and army surgeon Yoon Myung-ju. It goes through these two couple relationships in the army, the problems they face like constantly being called away for duty. 

It showed a good base, relationships developing in a war zone, actually looking at the difficulties they go through. The friendship of the male lead and side character is great and I admire the strong female lead. Again, the side characters romance will make you want to finish the series, its just as investing as the main. However, I know a lot of people think some parts of it were overly dramatized.  One of my friends constantly complains about the panic of the doctors and the reaction to the death of a patient as crying because truthfully it wasn’t what experienced doctors act like. One of my other friends didn’t think Urk (one of the warzones) was ‘war-zoney enough, you know? no-one was even maimed!’ but I decided against adopting maiming as my benchmark. 

Still, most people I know who’ve watched this adore this series. They love the humor, the chemistry and especially the songs. The soundtracks were insanely popular and everyone loved the songs. I’ve only seen a little bit of it but it was pretty interesting. 

3. Prison Playbook

This one is not based on anything military, instead on the lives of people behind bars. A famous basketball player (I’ve been corrected a bunch of times when people tried to explain to me what a left-handed pitcher is; I still don’t understand, you are welcome to try) is convicted after he saves his sister, Kim Je Hee from an assault. He receives a one-year sentence in prison. While he is behind bars he also meets his old friend, who works there. 

The story has a good plot, diverse storylines and a talented cast. People love the bromance and I liked the dry sense of humor. 

I’m also not a fan of watching too much romance, I cringe a lot, but the romance is minimal and doesn’t take up much of the story. 

The chemistry and friendship between the leads has its own charm, it portrays the companionship very well. If you have watched other kdramas before like ‘Hospital Playlist’, you would probably know some of the cast. 

The friendships in this series are astounding, they’re really incredible to watch. 

Besides that, its just really incredibly relatable, it’s not like you’ll connect if you’ve been to prison but the morals and truths are very slice of life. It’s also really motivational, with the beautiful sentimentality that these people who have done something deserve a second chance and they are not necessarily bad people at heart. 

4. Goblin or Guardian-the Lonely and Great God

Now, this one is a bit different in terms of its setting. Its protagonist is army general who serves in the military/force in the Goryeo Dynasty. The jealous ruler does not celebrate his victory and instead sentences him to death. To protect him from this, God turns him into a Dokkaebi or, more easily, a goblin which in Korean mythology, is a nature deity or a powerful spirit, which either helps people or plays tricks on them. This particular goblin is tasked with protecting specific people from misery. 

He looks for ‘the goblin’s bride’ who has to be human (which, frankly, does not sound a very appealing thing, goblins usually tending to be all green and scaly and whatnot) and he seems to find her. He meets a man, the grim reaper (a being whose job in Korean mythology is to guide newly deceased souls to the afterlife) who, simply speaking, has a case of bad long-term amnesia. 

So that I don’t give away plots and give you a lot of spoilers, I’ll have to stop with the storyline here now because its honestly really hard to write down a lot without giving away the story. I’ll just say there’s an absurd amount of plot twists and there will be so many points where you will cry and more where you’ll just have to stop watching for a second and just have to say, “what just happened.” but it’s worth it. There’s another epic bromance, the general love stories and wow, the sound track.  It’s also great because its wrapped-up history, fantasy and romance all in one story. 

5. Mystic Pop-Up Bar

A bar is run by a prickly woman who runs it with a chef and a part-time worker. A punishment, the woman who is named Hwang Jung Eum, is given a punishment from the heavens to help people, which the trio does by going into their customers dreams. 

Jung Eum has to help a certain number of people in her time limit. However, its running out quickly and she hasn’t met her quota. 

It’s a really beautiful story, and all the strings tie up at the end and you make out where everything went. It also has your fantasy, mystery, romance and crying. Its heartwarming and meaningful because of all the emotional side stories. It has a strong female lead, the trio and their chemistry are fun to watch, the power of dreams, the lessons and punishments as well all the interesting people who come into the bar and their stories. There isn’t much to explain, it’s a pretty straight forward storyline but to really get the feels you should definitely watch the trailers. 

6. Parasite

I saved the best for the last, to see who actually reached the end of this. Parasite is a film released in 2019 and it won a lot of awards, many people might’ve seen it already. If you haven’t, race to the TV and switch it on now!  It won Academy Award for best picture, Golden Globe for best Foreign Language Film, César award for Best Foreign Films, Academy Award for Best Foreign Feature Film, BAFTA award for best screenplay, an Oscar and many, many more. It made Oscar’s history winning the best picture award, the first time it has been won by a foreign film. 

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It is a black comedy, showcasing the rich and poor’s lives. It was one of the artfully executed films, highlighting the differences the elite classes and the ones who live in poverty. It really shows the difference in lifestyles heartbreakingly well. It shows how the poor constantly pit against each other, how they have to pit against each other to survive, while the richer homes are supported by their labor. It moves from quirky humor to the harshness of life in general. Like the recently released Indian film, White Tiger, it showcases how amazingly different the two lives are. 

It’s called parasite because of the poorer family’s plot to support themselves using the richer family. It’s fairly dark and a thriller, don’t watch it if you can’t handle creatively taken on endings. There’s so much I want to write about this movie but it would give away so much so I’ll just tell you that it makes you think the next time you talk to anyone. 

Hope you enjoyed this article 6 Best Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix. I have tried to include dramas that are purely romance, dark, comedy, thriller, fantasy and action so everyone would find something what they liked. I hope it helped you find what you are looking for and if you want to see more, look for Sherry Shroff’s video.

6 Best Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix. 6 Best Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix. 6 Best Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix. 6 Best Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix. 6 Best Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix. 6 Best Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix. 6 Best Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix. 6 Best Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix. 6 Best Korean Drama Series You Can Stream On Netflix.

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