6 reasons why you should read Dearest George | Book Review

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Dearest George
by Alicia D’Souza

Okay, finally proved that I love reading corny books, and while reading them, I have this big goofiest smile pasted on my face. This, I never realized before reading this super mushy, cute as hell book Dearest George by Alicia D’Souza, where excessive PDA is a norm but rather in an adorable way. Oh my god! Just thinking about it makes the grin reappear on my face. Urghhhh! What’s wrong with me?

In addition to all those PDA moments, I literally gushed with love and an intense desire to squish these two cayooties Charlie (Dog) and Henry-Oats (Hamster). Alicia’s darling pets. Now come to think of it, isn’t this book a cuteness overload? Huh? Though, did I tell you that this book is a collection of some of the corniest illustrations that are going to melt your heart and some that are going to make you bark with laughter.

Book review of Dearest George by Alicia D'Souza

Ah yes, I was literally barking with laughter. It’s incredible that for such a short book, Alicia’s Dear George was a laughter riot! Mere illustrations were enough to put my imagination into drive. Never had I ever grinned so much, or laughed like crazy.

So now you the reasons?!

  1. George is cute, and so is Alicia. And even cuter are Charlie and Henry-Oats.
  2. Warning: excessive PDA, though in a cute way!
  3. It will bring the most goofiest grin on your face!
  4. It’s the shortest book loaded with cutenesss
  5. And oh, did I tell you that it is a book full of Illustrations?
  6. Illustrations, that you will fall in love with and will also fall of your bloody chair, laughing!

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Dearest George by Alicia D’Souza
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  1. Maria Albina August 29, 2021 at 2:12 pm

    i came here thinking it was the book’s review!


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