7 Rules of Power By Jeffrey Pfeffer – Exploring Power and Its Complexities in Our Careers and Professional Development

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7 Rules of Power by Jeffrey Pfeffer – A book that showcases all the data highlighting the 7 important rules to not only achieve targets but also reach the highest possible echelons of growth and power. Form the maestro himself, comes a work which is rare, backed by research as well as perfectly poised at giving one the perfect growth.

I have always believed that power is an extremely tricky, multi-faced thing. It depicts not only how much you are willing to stake, but it also is an indicator of what you are scaling towards. Power is in reality, a practice, a mindset, the true indicator of what one does in order to reach higher levels of success and targets in life.

Whilst being the founder of a start-up myself namely the bookish handle I take care of multiple things.

On the journey towards the read and discovery of many brilliant titles, I realized that power is a very sublime thing, which a few of my peers, my fraternity members, and my community people are using, are demonstrating, in ways which sometimes do and sometimes do not relate with me.

Leadership, for instance, has always been a subject matter of high interest to me. Power, which is an indispensable aspect therein comes into play by the usage of certain rules which have to be practised in order to achieve the desired results.

This book by the renowned Jeffrey Pfeffer has been my answer, the solution to all of my concerns about the proper use of power and its proper placement in my career.

Backing up his narrative with rich detail and research, Jeffrey has explained how one not only needs to be clear in their goals but also needs the power to be keeping the correct tabs on their achievement bars.

The 7 Rules of Power are: 

  • Get out of your own way.
  • Break the rules.
  • Show up in a powerful fashion.
  • Create a powerful brand.
  • Network relentlessly.
  • Use your power.
  • Understand that once you have acquired power, what you did to get it will be forgiven, forgotten, or both.

Hmm, I must say his vision is extremely crystal clear and so is the manner in which he has illustrated the entire theory is plausible. He has rightly highlighted how one needs to ensure that one’s objectives are perfectly aligned and in equilibrium with one ‘s professional growth. 

I also realized an extremely crucial aspect of professional growth and fulfillment-I am responsible for my own happiness arising out of the professional success of my career. It is not upon my job or business to deliver that to me. It is actually upon me as a founder to not only take stock of my situation but also outline my challenges, mark the paths towards my growth, highlight the aspects to be kept in mind whilst achieving it and lastly and most important of all, to rejoice in that success myself, having created meaning out of my deliverance to my work.

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I especially marvelled at how each and every aspect was backed up by a good deal of research. Jeffrey has also ensured that every rule he has imparted is not only relatable but also connects to the reader in minute detail. Being backed up by anecdotes, the narrative also had publicly known famous cases of Trump, and Theranos along with stories of his students which Jeffrey shared insights. These students who had taken these courses have shared their takeaways and experiences, assimilating the learnings they took from them.

A great read, go for this one if you want to learn the 7 ground rules of Power and get things done perfectly well to advance your professional career to new highs.

So, hope you guys liked this review of 7 Rules Of Power: Surprising-but True Advice on how to get things done and advance your career by Jeffrey Pfeffer.

7 Rules of Power

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Author: Jeffrey Pfeffer

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If you want to ‘change lives, change organizations, change the world,’ the Stanford business school’s motto, you need power.

Is power the last dirty secret or the secret to success? Both. While power carries some negative connotations, power is a tool that can be used for good or evil. Don’t blame the tool for how some people used it.

Rooted firmly in social science research, Pfeffer’s 7 rules provide a manual for increasing your ability to get things done, including increasing the positive effects of your job performance.

With 7 Rules of Power, you’ll learn, through both numerous examples as well as research evidence, how to accomplish change in your organization, your life, the lives of others, and the world.


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