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“Breaking the stereotypes” – Once in a while we come across this term, which appeals to the regular movie buff looking out for movies that are entertaining, yet, with a ‘different’ perspective.

Indeed, ‘Stereotyping’ or ‘cliched’ is what major movies are all about. Be it Bollywood, or any other major film industry, the basic ideas and plots, many a time continue to remain obsolete and old. That said, the amount of “freshness” and “content driving substance” continues to remain conspicuous by its absence majorly.

Though, over the years, Bollywood has seen an emergence of “new” cinema. “New” as it is not only parallel or experimental but also because it has been created defying the pre-set norms and ideologies. Those are the true stereo type breaker movies we truly yearn for and desire to see several times over. I mean agree that there are different types of movies like art, parallel, cross overs, message oriented but INKI BAAT HI ALAG HAI…” They are ground breaking in their own space and time, having carved out their own audiences and playing upon their hearts and minds.

Here is my list of 9 Bollywood Movies that broke the stereotypes with hard-hitting content. These are the movies I love to binge watch for their sheer content driven thought process and treatment are:-

1. Lakshya (2004)

When we were way back in college, this one hit hard and HOW!! The story of a guy who realizes and comes to term with his true inner calling – AHA, MOTIVATION PERSONIFIED!! Brownie Points to Hrithik Roshan for taking this one to a cult status level.

2. Karthik calling Karthik (2010)

Our own desi  thriller flick sure to unbuckle and  throw you off guard at the end (psst, no spoilers here haan!) This is one I watched without any preamble as to what might transpire out towards the end. Lord Help!! Whoosh! Amaazinngg. Gives an insight into what a person can really become. Phew!

3. Taare Zameen Par (2007)

A child struggling with dyslexia-hmm, emotional and intense. Enter his magical teacher, Ram Nikund, the professor with the proclivity of a magician, no less!! Boom changes Ishaan’s life akin to a splay of rainbow colours being spritzed into it. Aren’t we all struggling like Ishaan in life, perpetually? A true ode to one of life’s most important  person-our mentor and coach, the true guiding light in our earlier years. One of AAMIR ‘KHAN’S   finest works till date.

4. Ki & Ka (2016)

A real coming of age, role reversal drama. One helluva unconventional roller coaster challenging the set patterns of our society. Can only women cook and take care of the household whilst men do other “worldly “, “important“ stuff like WORK??

A Rare insight into the mindsets and mentalities we all have been struggling since ages literally…

5. Oh My God (2012)

I rarely know of anyone who has not loved his one. Simple, yet superficial, closer to life yet larger than life morale-teachings. This one defies even the pre set Godly Testaments, Humanity being the primary and all others later. A true WIN Win even after ages. Paresh Rawal ji, kudos to you for this one and Akshay Kumar!!! The cutest Krishna I swear I have come across !!!

6. Rang De Basanti (2002)

The most UNCONVENTIONAL movie ever made on the concept of patriotism, I feel. A true awakening of sorts, this one has it all- a stellar story, power packed performances, cult hit music ( the songs are still as fresh after almost 2 decades) and real message driven cinema-REBEL FOR A CAUSE. ”Loose control” the Anthem of the GENERATION back then!!! As an afterthought, AAMIR KHAN, I feel, has single handedly been a pivotal part of many content driven, ground breaking movies. Called Mr. Perfectionist, he indeed has given some of the finest performances and is an artist of true global stature. In fact, the recent news coming related to his personal life will surely be heart breaking to his ardent fans across the globe. Nevertheless, We love your Performances, AAMIR KHAN, coz you rock!!!

7. Page 3 (2005)

Madhur Bhandarkar’s finest and closest portrayal in the reality of Bollywood glitz and glamour and the dark side of its true underbelly, this one is a reality check for keeps. Considered quite a stellar back then too, this one was way ahead of its time. A multi time Metaphor.

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8. Queen (2013)

Self Love and the whole journey of Self Discovery. No other words for this one. Simply Outstanding. The true meaning of learning to live and love your own self along the path called life- a poetry in the form of a movie. Outstanding Performances!!!

9. Badhaai Ho (2018)

This one is definitely one stereo type breaker and for the right reasons!!! The portrayal of a plethora of mixed human emotions whilst struggling with “unusual“ life changing situations with wry humour as well as sensitivity both together. Hits the spot and how!! Superb performances yet again…

Well folks, my list goes on, notable mentions here being

These movies stay for a long time with us even after they disappear from the movie screens, in the minds of its viewers, delivering the real impact which was why they were created and made in the first place. Happy Watching  !!!

Hope you liked this article on 9 Bollywood Movies that broke the stereotypes with hard-hitting content

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