A Sneak Peak into the book The Beautiful Sky by Harshwardhan Patil – Chapter 1

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An old man in sixties, Gulab Chacha, in white shirt white pants, standing at his small tea stall. The tea stall was standing on four wooden rods and up there was a metal sheet tied loosely by ropes in between that a tire was kept for it not to move. Gulab chacha is the type of guy who looks like ACP Pradyuman who left CID after a hundred failed cases and now sells tea for daily bread and butter. His body is lean, wears a white shirt all the time, but the first three buttons are open. He is caring, kind-hearted and talkative like most of the Chai wala in INDIA are.

A Customer came and asked – Chacha ek cutting chai dena.

Gulab Chacha while giving him a cutting chai lost in his thoughts, the customer who was more of a friend to him asked- Kya hua Chacha?

Gulab Chacha- Are wo ladka nahi hai ghungrale ballo wala. Man- Ha, wo Bobby Deol type?

Gulab Chacha- Ha wahi, uu sala, pichle teen saal se idhar hi chai peke jata hai, pata nahi do din se kahan gayab hai.

Man- Are, Gulab Chacha gaon gaya hoga.

Gulab Chacha- Are wo apni bike yaha chhodke jata agar gaon gaya hota toh! Man- Shayad wo do din se apne office ke pass chai pee raha ho?

Gulab Chacha thinks for a while and tells the man to go on his bike and check the tea stall near his office, when Gulab chacha reached there and asked the man, he told him- Are wo aya hi nahi do din se, phone bhi switched off a raha hai uska.

Gulab Chacha looks at the man and gives a look that he feels something is wrong.

Chacha took his son Kashi and went on his bike to Vian’s home. They reached his building.

The guard told Gulab Chacha – Pata nahi woh 701 A-wing wale sahab do din se ghar hi nahi aye.

Gulab Chacha goes through the elevator with his son, towards his flat, on the seventh floor he goes towards the flat. They found his flat was locked, Chacha was still standing there, his son told him- Band hai, taala laga hai, chalo.

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Gulab Chacha went with his son, but when he was ahead, he went close to the door, and kept his ear to hear whether he was trapped inside or not.

When Chacha came downstairs, his son asked him- Aap itni chinta kyu kar rahe hai? gaya hoga kahi.

Gulab Chacha- Are nahi babu, main uss admi ko acche se janta hu, uski zindagi mein do hi cheezein hai, pehli uski kahaniya kyunki wo lekhek hai aur dusri Chai.

Son- Chai?

Gulab Chacha- Haan! Saala itni chai pita hai ki do cup ke baad main use deta hi nahi chai. To kisi aur ke dukan pe jaake pita hai, us ke shareer mein khoon kam chai jyaada hai.

Gulab Chacha is back to his tea stall. He is tense while making the tea. There comes a police car, chacha gets annoyed every time he sees Policemen because they never pay money for the tea. Today as soon as he saw them he kept two cups separately as he did not want to argue with either of them.

While both of them were drinking tea, suddenly something strike’s to Gulab Chacha’s mind, he spoke slowly- Sahab mera mobile chori ho gaya hai, card dusre ke naam se liya tha, kripya thodi madad karenge?

Police- Location bata sakte hai bas.
Chacha joins hands in happiness- Meherbani hogi sahab. Dhanyavaad!


Chacha gave police Vian’s number, and told them that he had taken the number on his friend’s documents. The police trusted him thinking what harm a sixty-year-old tea seller can cause to them by stealing mobile numbers. The police searched the location and said- Location mil gaya!

Chacha kept his ears ahead as if it was the result of his life, he just wished Vian to be safe.

The police said- Yaha se nabbhe kilometer…Murbad.


The vision was all blurred, the rain was continuously falling on his face, all he can see was just the sky, which was all dark. Evening time 5 P.M was looking like night due to the dark clouds. It’s raining heavily, and it looked like nature was angry with humans. The boy, Vian (26), was lying on a big wooden tree and flowed with the stream of the flooded river. He was tired, exhausted, having difficulty in breathing. We can see his twisted ankle, which is bleeding and leaving a red trail invisible in the dark muddy flood water. It looks like he gave hope to survive. His long curly hair were all over his face, the shirt was half torn, full light brown colour pant toward the left side was red due to blood coming out from his ankle. He gives away his both hands and legs, which goes downward from the wooden piece and only his back was lying on it. He cleared the hair from his face to see the sky for the last time, there was a smile on his face. With all his will he was surrendering to the almighty to the GOD, he looked satisfied with his journey, the tears in his eyes with a smile said a lot. He was wet for a long time and was shivering in the cold. Water entered his ears, all he could hear was just the damp noises. A dead man’s body and a small kid’s school bag flows from the next to him. We can hear the river water sounds, colliding with the rocks and creating tides. Even the river rafting lovers would be afraid of this sight.

Vian creating a poem in his head.

Jin sapnon ke liye umra bhar sangharsh kiya, Un sapno ka rasta aaj gumnaam hai.

There was a smile on his face that was more of disbelief and surprise. He couldn’t believe it was over.

Aakhri palon mein kuch cheeze hai mere pass, Sharab, Kalam aur ek kagaz jis par likha Tera naam hai.

We can see Vian on a much broader view, the river is flooded on both sides, its riverbanks have water till huge heights, buffaloes and trees and cars are flowing in water. It was a total apocalypse on the earth. A sight that one would wish to watch only on the discovery channel in the show MAN vs NATURE. However in all this a 26-year-old young guy was smiling, and telling his last poem to the Lord, to the world.

Yakin nahin aata itni mehnat ke bavjood jo hasil hua hai, Shayad upar wale ka mere liye kuch khaas intejaam hai. Agar na lautu to yad rakhna kahaniyon mein mujhe. Jiske liye kurban ki hai apni salon ki raat, din aur sham hai.

Vian’s eyes were slowly shutting down; he could slowly see the blurred vision of the dark sky, which was vanishing slowly. His eyes were closed, but he was still smiling and going with the flow of the flood water.

12 months back.


Vian was sleeping on a bed, which was on the floor, next to it was a wooden cot with broken steel rods giving us a reason why Vian was sleeping on the floor. Next to it was a book titled- “A good boyfriend is a terrible ex-boyfriend’’ from the author of “The Indian Chaplin’’ PRAN. The book cover had a young guy sitting naked on the stool drinking tea and next to him was his dog. There was a pencil and a lot of bookmarks kept in the book, it seems that Vian quite often or daily reads this book.

Vian in sleep stretches his hand to grab his mobile and while trying, his hand felt the splashes of water. For a moment he thought he peed in pants at night, he still couldn’t see there was a night band on his eyes, as he didn’t like light while sleeping.

If there was a chemical made to stop overthinking then in medicals it would have been sold more than water, because people suffer more, than they live.- “Good boyfriend is a terrible ex-boyfriend”- Pran

Now he stretches his leg and again he feels the splashes of water and soon he realizes that his bed was wet.

We all have been brought up in this world for different purposes. Some people are born to be a great businessman, not necessarily a good human, there are some handsome people blessed with the stardom but still single, there are many sports people who will be remembered by many people not necessarily that they might be a good father, boyfriend or a husband. It’s already destined, what we will be in the end. We all can’t have complete happiness in the world. There will always be one thing which will be lacking and it might be the thing which we want the most. -Pran Gbtebf

Vian quickly gets up taking out his night band. The tank overflowed and the water was overflowing from the top of the bathroom.

Peace is the costliest thing in the world and we have to pay for it. Pay your time, patience and solitude for it. -Pran Gbtebf

Vian’s long curly hair were all over his fair square-shaped face due to sweat which came while dragging the heavy wet bed towards the terrace for drying. Even his well-built 5.9 feet body was not enough for him to do that easily. He had gap between the front two teeth, long eyebrows, seeing that everyone suspected that he had a kajal, and he always hated to reply to that again and again.

Psychiatrist- Before preparing to improve the world first look at your own house three times Chinese proverb.
Pran- I was preparing to clean the streets, then thought to clean my house first, and threw my dog then. -Pran Gbtebf

Vian making tea, he has just come out bathing, wearing only jockeys, open long curly hair, faint abs, well-built arms and shoulders. He takes a herbal tablet which he usually takes for building sex stamina while making his tea and with the other hand he was holding the book “Good boyfriend is a terrible ex-boyfriend” and reading it.

The only habit I don’t want to give up is drinking tea. At least I don’t owe a debt to someone, at least someone doesn’t get offended, at least I don’t have someone to blame. Fuck everyone! -Pran Gbtebf

Definitely, Vian is not the man to have a great sex life or even a sex life. He had a mentality that the tablets increase his stamina for writing even after he comes back from his day job.

The only bad habit I don’t want to give up upon is being good. -Pran Gbtebf

It may seem crazy but that is typical Vian, living in his own delusions, alone in a flat, takes a cup of tea in his hand and goes to bedroom from the kitchen. It was all vacant just clothes hanging on the rope to dry outside the window, there was a mountain range close by, next to it there was a river and a temple, the mountains were covered by the fog, it was a similar painting which we use to draw in the third standard in school. Vian came to the hall, there was a 61 key piano kept in front of a huge window, next to it there was a balcony. Vian sits on the chair, takes the laptop on his lap and starts writing while taking a sip of tea. He then plays the music on the speakers to get into mood. After half an hour his mobile alarm rang, it was 9.30, he had to leave for his work. Vian was little frustrated as the wet bed took his half an hour of writing. Before leaving the room, he put a glance on the white board which was hung on a wall of his room, and in which he had written a lot of stuff, ‘Dr. Prerna’s (Vian’s personal psychiatrist) weekly points- 1) Don’t let small events affect your happiness’. 2) You are in complete control of your mind.

Our 95% of the life is spent on finding the rest 5% of the happiness. -Pran Gbtebf

Whosoever this person/author is, Vian admires him a lot, his proverbs, his jokes are always ringing his ears for no-reason. How this happen that the person you never met in your life becomes your friend or a mentor.

Vian until left the room, murmuring the same statement, ‘I’m in complete control of my mind’.

We have to pay our time to buy money.
We have to pay money to buy food.
We have to pay hardships to buy satisfaction.
We have to pay our love to buy heartbreak.
We have to pay for our heartbreak to buy suffering.
We have to pay our suffering to buy strength.
We have to pay our strength to buy peace.
That’s it! We don’t need to buy anything after Peace. Peace is not a journey but a destination. -Pran Gbtebf


Vian, wearing formals, hair tied up as a pony, wears a helmet. He was looking like a rockstar who has been forced to join a day job, and that’s what the reality is.

Writers are the people who think that they know people, while they themselves are lost. -Pran Gbebf

Vian riding on an activa wearing the helmet, stops, joins hands before the sun, and rides his bike again, he was at the traffic signal checking his watch, he was late. Vian stops by a temple of Lord Hanuman.

Joining both his hands, he was reciting his prayers.

Vian- Shri Guru Charan Sarooja-raj Nija manu Mukura Sudhaari, Baranau

Ragubar Bimala Jasu, Jo Dayaku Phal Chaari…

The other devotee who was forgetting his prayers on listening to Vian’s prayers increases his speed and volume.

Man- Buddhi Heen Tanu Jaannikay, Sumirow Pavana Kumar, Bala-Budhee Vidya Dehu Mohee Harahu Kalesha Vikaara.

Vian couldn’t concentrate on his prayer as the man’s voice was louder and disturbing him, so Vian started to recite the prayers much louder and double the speed. The priest came and saw that as if there is a race between both of them to complete the prayer first.


Vian continues going on scooty, crosses the bridge which has a river flowing beneath, it’s the same river which he sees through his window. Vian opened the glass lid of his helmet to feel the cold breeze. The river had less water, it only overflowed during the rainy season. At present, the river had very less water and took tiny turns like an anaconda near big stones. Despite the bad start, Vian was managing to make the bad day in good shape.

Vian remembering the affirmations which he listened to the previous night,

I’m feeling extremely positive and energetic. My mind is in my complete control, I exhale away all the negative thoughts and inhale the endless possibility and opportunities

Vian with a bright smile driving looks up as there are little dark clouds wandering around like an army of lord Voldemort gathering around Hogwarts in the last part of the harry potter book franchise. He is a harry potter fan. Don’t know what connection Vian had with this weather, he always took that as omens of auspicious or inauspicious events which can happen in the future.

Psychiatrist- He who fears death cannot enjoy in life, spanish proverb.
Pran- And he who fears sex cannot enjoy with his wife. -Pran Gbebf

Till then Vian didn’t see ahead a man driving a luna(bike), carrying at least twenty hens tied around their legs to both sides of the handle of the luna.

Sometimes problems are there to trigger you or to motivate you, suffer the pain, put on the headphones and go on. Let’s go on a journey together. -Pran Gbebf

Vian panicked as he was about to hit the luna, He put a sudden break. The activa skids but still hits the man. Vian falls ahead of his luna. Luna slides on the road, while the man slides on the road trying to catch his luna. Vian falls down, while his activa without any rider taking round turns as if the activa is possessed by a ghost. Vian hits the bridge supports and sees the group of hens, falling towards the river beneath in slow motion.

Psychiatrist- All time spent angry is the time being lost happy- Mexican proverb
Pran- And all time spent being lost is happy. Wait, where is my home? -Pran Gbebf

Jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai,
Ye wohi bolta hai jiske sath kuch bura hota hai.

Aise kyu bolte hai log aaj kal?
Na jaane logo ke sath kya kya hota hai.

Vian all wet in sweat and river water, sleeves all rolled up, there was a man along with him, thin wearing just a banyan and three fourth, skinny, coppery skinned guy, both of them were catching the hens at the different corner of the river. People who were on the bridge were laughing looking at Vian catching hens and most of them were recording on their phone. Vian jumps in the river completely wet, misses the hen, and she runs away. The crowd couldn’t control more laughter. The hen’s owner was all abusing Vian.


Two hours later, Vian and the hen owner managed to catch all the hens, Vian handed the hens to the man and the man tied a double knot to the luna. Vian’s dress was all dirty. Blue pants were half dark brown and his white shirt has become completely brown due to mud.


Vian parks his bike, while it’s raining outside. He runs towards the crowded and muddy railway station.


Vian got pressed like a slice of cheese in the burger among the local crowd, forcibly his face was near someone else’s armpit, though he held his breath but after he failed to hold his breath for a longer time, unwillingly, he had to smell the passenger’s sweat. Vian was about to vomit when he came out of the local.


Vian’s clothes were dried and he thought he was about to catch cold, he stopped outside the railway station, the street was crowded as usual, people running from both ends, the entire sky was now half-filled with dark clouds. Vian orders a tea at a roadside tea stall, takes a sip and enjoys it, but there was a couple next to him, seeing them happily reminded him of something. He takes two cups in hand, goes at a distance away from the couple standing and drinks in peace.

It was about to rain. Vian realized that. He puts headphones in his ears, plays old classical songs and goes dancing through the crowd, a song sung by Hemant Kumar from the film pyasa, music composer Sahir Ludhianvi, S. D. Burman- Jaane Woh Kaise, Log The Jinke, Pyar Ko Pyar Mila, Humne To Jab Kaliyaan Maangi Kaaton Ka Haar Mila.

Vian moves his hands freely while passing through the crowd. Soon the entire crowd vanished. Vian lost in his imagination, it was totally dark and there was only light on him, as if he was performing on some stage.

Song- Khushiyoki manzil dhoondi to gum ki gard mili, Khushiyoki manzil dhoondi to gum ki gard mili.

Vian moves his hands freely as if cold air is passing through his shirts and pants and healing every part of his body. Vian dancing among the Mumbai crowds was looking like a kite flying freely in midst of storms.

Vian singing the song- Chahat ke nagme chahe to, aahen sard mili, Dil ke bojh ko doona kar gaya, jo gam saar mila, Humne To Jab Kaliyaan Maangi Kaaton Ka Haar Mil, Jaane Woh Kaise Log The Jinke Pyar Ko Pyar Mila.


Vian sitting next to the auto driver, still in the musical mood, the girls sitting behind Vian laughing at Vian as if they have seen a vodafone zoozoo. One of the girl was really impressed seeing that this man is living his life without caring about what people will say about him.

Song- Jaane Woh Kaise Log The Jinke Pyar Ko Pyar Mila

Vian steps out of the auto, he was having a bad day, still maintaining his momentum and peace of mind. He was a good guy, not giving up on the bad times, looks towards the sky and gives the brightest smile. While humming and singing he walks on the road, sees an old lady next to the roadside begging. First he takes out a ten-rupee note then thinks something and puts the note back in his pocket, the old lady was sad. Vian instead buys a dozen of bananas and gives it to the old lady and she was more delighted. When Vian with a smile bends to give the bag of bananas to the old lady, a car runs over the potholes filled mud and that splashed over Vian’s face and also some of it went inside his mouth. Vian gargles, takes the mud out and clears his face.

Vian takes a deep breath, everybody on the road stopped to see the expression of Vian and he surprised them with a smile. This disappointed the crowd and they moved on to their individual life.


Vian standing below the five-story V-shaped building, a huge symbol of an electric tower and the entry of the building, as it was an Electric department company, MSEB, Maharashtra State Electricity Board Department. There was an electricity bill payment queue at the ground floor of the building, to the right side of the building was a protest going on by the union workers wearing red bands on their khaki colour shirts and pants. Vian making a way through it silently and went towards the lift.


Vian tickling the fingers on the table, scratching his beard may be thinking about something, looking outside the window next to his cabin, staring at the dark clouds, it’s going to rain heavily. Vian was seated in an open cabin next to the passage with a huge wooden table around with a laptop on it, nothing more than that. Vian minimizes the excel sheet and opens the MS word, till then a chai wala comes, without asking he puts two cups on the table, one fully filled and the other half filled. Vian signals him through his eyes to fill the second cup as well. Vian later looks on the Word file in which he has already written something and he revises it by reading in his mind.

Har ek ladke ki kahani hai.

Till then someone interrupts and calls him. Vian, though frustrated, managed his cool. Vian walked through the corridor of a busy office. Many of the people called him sir and greeted him. He was calm and there was a smile on his face like he was having the best day of his life or he was just pretending that it’s his best day of life and he was happy.

The smile on his face is fake, he looks calm but he is not. He had a series of bad days in the past due to his temper that may have made him behave like this.

Vian comes around a small cabin, Rajesh (43) short fat, bald, beard. Rajesh is the type of guy who looks likes Kallu mama from Satya movie suffering from Malaria. He is the type of guy who has the GOD gift ability to make

people feel slap him because of his stupid stinky beard and his arrogant way of talking. He is the type of guy that makes the dustbin feel complex, which means that he has more trash in his brain than the dustbin.

Vian trying to be as polite as he can be- Mere laptop main AutoCAD aur SAP install karna tha.

Rajesh rudely replies looking at his phone- Laptop kidhar hai? mere PC mein install karega kya?

Controlling his anger, Vian kept the laptop on Rajesh’s desk and opened it for him.

Vian- Haan sir aage boliye.
Rajesh is frustrated and speaks in a higher tone- Screen par kya hai bolna?

Vian tries to maintain his calm- Sir, bol raha hun aap thoda aaram se baat kijiye.

Rajesh points towards the laptop screen- udhar ka nahi re, baju ka option.

Rajesh shouts everyone outside the cabin stares at Vian, Vian feels humiliated.

Vian loses control and shouts- Ye Awaz niche kar! MADARCHOD! (Holds his collar.)

Anger is the most honest thing, it shows our true self. -Pran Gbtebf

Vian again took a deep breath, went outside the cabin and took the laptop with him. Everybody thought Vian had changed, he had learned to control the anger, but no, Vian kept the laptop on someone else’s deck, turned, came running towards Rajesh. Rajesh is terrified! Stuck in the compacted cabin couldn’t even move. Vian came running and landed his fist perfectly on the nose of Rajesh, we can hear sounds of his jaw breaking.

You are still humble and calm after being angry then you can be the next INDIAN captain after M.S.DHONI. -Pran Gbtebf

Vian shouts- Kyu bey, MADARCHOD awaz chadha ke baat karta hai!

Vian slaps him twice in a row. Rajesh while falling from the chair grabs the CPU wires next to him. The CPU fell on Rajesh and the pointed section hurt Rajesh’s stomach. Few people came running to control Vian. When people were dragging him away from Rajesh, he kicked the aluminium partition of Rajesh’s cabin, the entire partition fell in a row, just like you move one card and the entire range falls. People in the next cabin seating on their table hiding under the partition were exposed all of a sudden. An officer taking a bundle of cash from the outside person got exposed and suddenly threw the money to the man who was giving him the bribe. Vian was being taken by his office staff like a mental patient escaped from the asylum.

A patient character can’t possibly be stopped from being a respectable human being. Some are born with that and some have to practice that. -Pran Gbtebf

Pratik(26) round face, front side bald, french cut, formals, round stomach, was standing whistling, though he doesn’t know how to whistle.

Pratik is the type of guy that GOD’s in heaven did not accept him and the demons in hell feared him, that’s why he was roaming freely on earth. The man who messes with him sees death before seeing Yamraj’s buffalo. He is the type of guy who likes to play ‘Rakta Charitra’ songs at his wedding and ‘Tum hi ho’ with his friends. He is a civil engineer by profession despite that he more liked to use bricks to smash people than to construct a wall. Pratik is the type of guy who likes to teach manners to his guest lecturers. After the lecture, Pratik understands more than the professor who is teaching. Inspired by “Laagan”, Pratik thought of making a college cricket team, the only difference they never won (kidding only lost finals). Pratik once took part in debate competition, both teams were not agreeing on a point, in the end there was only one team survived having Pratik in it, the other team members were brutally injured and suffered speaking problems for the rest of their life. He is the type of guy who likes to buy his best friend’s favorite star’s bday 22/12 hoodie t-shirt worth Rs. 1500 and then clean tiles with it to make Pranay understand that he was wasting his money on an idiot, but apart from all above written, he is the type of guy who can travel from Dombivli to Andheri for three hours, just to meet Vian for half an hour when he is in need. No matter how many books Vian will write in the future, Pratik’s name will always be in it.

Pratik making Vian understand about anything is like a drug addict telling a smoker to stop smoking. Pratik too had a series of events in the past where he

lost his control and which embarrassed him, but currently, he is stable and has changed but for some reason, Vian’s story is still the same and even if he wants to change, the circumstances don’t let him change.

Vian stares at Pratik trying to be cool ignoring what he did. Vian took tea in a small glass. While drinking tea, under the small tea stall on the roadside, a few drops of rain fell in Vian’s tea and he looked up to see the clouds, it was dark, it will rain heavily. Steam coming from the tea, Vian drinks it to recover his sore throat.

Pratik- Ronaldo ka goal dekha kya?

Vian- Nahin main so raha tha.

Pratik kicks in the air- Zabardast tha Yaar! Aur assist to aur bhi—

Vian interrupts being frustrated- Abey! bhaad mein gaya yaar Ronaldo!

Pratik-To kya uske hi baare mein baat karega? Hogaya na jo hona tha. Ab kya kare?

Vian impatient- Kya?
Pratik- Kya?
Vian- Abe yaar Pratya? (Frustrated) chutiya hai kya tu?
Pratik- Tu chutiya!
Vian didn’t respond to that.
Pratik- ek bar office ho gaya to ho gaya, ghar par aane ke bad ghar ka sochne ka. Vian shouts, irritated- To main kidhar office ka soch raha hun?
Chai wala- O sahab! udhar ja ke jhagdo idhar customer log hai.

Both Vian and Pratik give him a look and then ignore him. Vian keeps his umbrella near the tea stall and they walk a little distance away from the tea stall.

Vian says biting his teeth in anger- Wo bhenchod! sala! mere se kam post par hai aur mere se awaaz chadha kar baat karta hain madarchod!

Pratik- Abey! aise launde bahut milte rahte hain. tune usko gaali di, do ghuse mare, baat khatam!

Vian still trying to control- Sala lauda kat dalunga main uska. Pratik- Lauda katke kya sir per lagayega kya?
Vian- Main kasam se bol raha hu isbar maine start nahi kiya.

Pratik- Mujhe pata hai, aise logon ko tera jaisa dimag lagane wala aadami

milana chahiye, beech beech mein. Chhod ab.

Vian breaths normally. Tries to calm himself down. Take a sip of tea.

Pratik- Dekh Vian, tere life mein jo bhi hota hai vah tere chehre per saaf dikh jata hai. It’s a very special moment for you now, jiske liye tune itni mehnat ki, itna struggle kiya wo din aaj hai, choti choti cheezon par overreact karna chhod de, they don’t deserve it.

Vian realizes that Pratik is telling the truth. Vian nodded head in YES. Vian’s eyes become teary, Pratik slaps his head, telling him how stupid he is, but also telling how much he wants Vian to be happy. Till then Vian’s phone rang. They both looked at each other and smiled.

Pratik- Chal, you have to go now.
Vian while walking stops, turns towards Pratik and says- Sorry Yaar.
Pratik smiles on stupidness- Abe jabe chutiye (throws the key) meri car leke ja.


Vian enters the car, picks up his phone which has been ringing for a long time. Vian enthusiastically- Hi!


Amyra innocent way- Hi babe.

Amyra (26) dressed in t-shirt and shorts, talking while picking up the boxes. Her silky hair coming on her face again and again and she is trying to put them back through her fingers, she liked touching her hair. It can be seen that she has just come from a hair salon and she is satisfied. While lying on the bed, looking in the mirror, she knew she had a well-maintained figure starting from her well big breast, to her sexy waist complimenting her ass and her well-toned legs visible through her shorts. She tightened her t-shirt to see her figure more accurately. She pouts and looks cute in the mirror with that not so fair but little dusky skin colour, but she was looking perfect!

The entire house is a mess. A marriage preparation can be seen. There were a lot of people in the house. Amyra passed through them. Amyra’s mother Neha Singh (56) and his father Abhijeet Singh (59) both sitting on the sofa surrounded by marriage invitation cards.

Abhijeet Singh is the type of guy who is like Anupam Kher from Jodi no. 1 when he is happy and behaves like Anupam Kher from wednesday when he knows his daughter is dating someone. The only thing that remained same was the ‘baldness’.

Abhijeet and Neha fighting with each other over something in which Abhijeet had given up a long time back.

Neha angry- Maine kaha tha, niche jaake entry pe naam change karke aao, 201 ke saare parcel humare pass ate hai aur humare unke pass.

Abhijeet- Main abhi karta hu!

Neha frustrated- Bas mujhe hi padi hai! baki logo ko to bas!

Amyra while being on the phone- Calm down both of you.

Amyra goes away from the noisy atmosphere and talks on the balcony.

Amyra on phone teasing- Shadi se pehle hi you are becoming a lot more busier! chakkar kya hai?

Vian smiles on the phone- Nothing telling goodbye to all my ex-girlfriends. Amyra innocent teasing- Hawww! Do you still miss them?
Vian laughs on her innocence and teasing – Haha… Mazak kar raha tha!

Amyra feels shy while talking, her mummy and papa have gone out. I want you to come over, don’t you think that we should spend our last time as a boyfriend and girlfriend before actually becoming husband and wife?

Amyra through the balcony sees his mom and dad leaving in the car she waves to them.

Neha- Aate hai beta, do ghante mein.
Amyra nodded YES and signaled them that’s fine. Vian- that’s great, I will reach it in an hour.

Amyra was talking on the phone on the balcony, the security guard(34) tall, mighty, black and his three friends were staring at Amyra towards the balcony. A small wind came and Amyra’s shirt filled with air that made her bra visible to them. Amyra didn’t notice that anybody was watching her, she was too

occupied on her phone. The guard and his three friends in which one was a

juvenile who was looking at her thighs and breast with a lustful vision. Amyra on the phone- Waiting for you, love you.
Vian on the phone- Love you too!
Amyra hangs up the call and goes inside the room.


Vian too hangs up the call, sits in his car. Looking at the GPS in his mobile it showed – one hour thirty minutes, Vian was frustrated. He looked outside the car window, the clouds were dark, it started raining little.

Song is ‘Aaoge tum jab sajna is playing on the radio. Vian didn’t like it, he changed the channel but the radio button was damaged, its remote was not working as well. Vian purchased the radio tape a few days back and was irritated that its not working, he tried to change the channel but unexpectedly some other channel started which made him even more frustrated. Tape(weather forecast)- Aaj ka mausam kharab hone ki sambhavna hai.

Vian- Sambhavna kya? hogaya mausam kharab ab dimaag bhi kharab kar bhosadike.

Vian looking out of the front glass and watching the dark clouds coming in his direction reminded him of the movie 2012 where the world was at apocalypse.

Radio- Kayi jagah Mumbai ke bahari ilake mein barish ki vajah se kafi bhari nuksan hua hai. kahin kheton ko nuksan aur ab tak pacchas log baadh mein behekar mar chuke hain ya lapata hai.

Vian loves the smell of the wet soil which comes after the rain.

Youngsters are not alone, their dick is, it stays all the time in their pants.
True Lovers are not alone, their soul is, their memories stay all the time in their heads.
My dog is not alone, because I don’t have a dog. -Pran Gbtebf

Vian looks at GPS, it still showed one hour 25 minutes- FUCK! Radio- badh ke dauran kripya bridge yah nadi kinare raste se yatra na kare.

Vian’s car was on the bridge at the moment, completely jammed from both the sides. The river water level was increased due to heavy rain.The Shiva temple near the river was half sunken in the water.

Vian- Aur jo pehle se hi bridge pe hai, wo apni gaand maraye.

Radio- Magar aap aisi duvidha mein hain. Ghar jaane ka rasta aur kuchh nahin balki vah ek marg hai. Aur usi dauran aapko ek bhari bharkam badh ka samna karna pada to kya karenge?

Till then Vian’s phone rang he picked it up. Vian- Ha hello. Radio-To is duvidha mein agar aap phase hain to….
Vian couldn’t hear the person saying because of the radio voice. Vian- Aada ghanta lagega… (shouts) aada ghanta lagega!

Vian’s shuts the phone. Messages ‘Half an hour’.

Vian bangs the radio to shutdown, the volume increases more.

Vian- Fuck!

Vian was behaving like an asshole who is stuck in mud and who when tries to come, goes deeper and deeper in the mud.

Radioi- Agar aapki car pani ke bahav se nadi mein jaati hai… Vian- To sabse pehle apna darwaza khole.

Radio – To sabse pehle apni khidki kholiye, darwaza paani ke bahav se khul nahi payega.

The tape voice was so loud that people stuck in the traffic jam could hear and were laughing on Vian.

Few college young boys on bikes came near Vian’s window and laughed at him. Vian was embarrassed and looked straight, ignoring them.

One of the boys on the bike- Kya bhaiya municipality announcement karne ka kaam aap ko diya hai kya?

Vian irritated- Ye bhosdike! age nikal chal.

Both boys on the bike went ahead giggling. Vian murmured- Madarchod!Saale.

Radio- Agar normal windows hai to aap easily khol sakte hain, agar power windows hai to gaadi band karne ke baad agle 10 minute tak aap power windows istemal kar payenge. Aapke sath mein bacche hain to sabse pehle unhe bahar nikaliye. Pehle bade ko fir bad mein chhote ko, ye soch kar ki agar bada wala pani ke upar aaye to vo chhote ko sambhal sakein. Aur fir apni patni, maa aur baap ko gadi se bahar nikaliye. Aur unke sath mein jab aap khidki se bahar nikalte hain to raah ke liye bubbles jisko hum bulbule kehte hain unko follow kijiye. Veh aap ko paani ke upar tak ka rasta dikhayengi. Aur is tarah aap apne aapko baadh se surakshit bacha sakte hain. Dhanyvad!

Vian didn’t realize while driving he reached the destination. Vian- Dhanyavaad!

Vian punches the tape recorder and now it stops. He was happy and smiled at his tragedy.


Vian, tired after a long drive, reached the building. It’s raining heavily. Vian parked the car outside, extended his hand to the back seat of the car to take out his umbrella, he remembered that he forgot it at the tea stall. FUCK! This is the third time this rainy season that he has lost his umbrella.

Vian got out of the car and ran as fast as he could, still he was getting wet a lot. From a near distance he heard a huge THUNDER! Vian looked at the place for a while where the thunder struck but nothing could make him more excited at this moment now, except the thing he wanted to do now. He went up through the lift, the moment he entered, the lights went off and the door got closed he was afraid. He got stuck in the lift.

Vian afraid shouting- Hey!!!

An opening scene of the love story unexpectedly was turning out to be a horror.

He took his mobile to call and there was no signal. Vian- Great!

The lift door was not fully closed, there was little space left in between, he tried to see someone through that but couldn’t see a person as it was all dark. He gets his fingers on one side of the door and with palms grips the door and tries to pull it to the opposite side. Initially he failed due to sweaty hands, but the door moved with a lot of friction. Vian got relaxed that at least he could breathe now. Vian thought, What a day! Relaxing his hands, he now tries to open the other side of the door putting all his strength and the door opened

a little more. He got one leg out of the door, but still unable to get out of it. He again pushes with all his strength using both hands, and finally comes out of the door.

Vian is now climbing the stairs, it could hardly be recognized that he is more wet due to rain or sweat. But he was tired as hell, more mentally than physically. His throat was all dried due to thirst.

Finally, he reached the destination, the flat. He rang the bell. The light was gone so it was not working. He took out his mobile, the screen was damaged as it got in the rain water in his pocket, Vian sat down in disbelief, still thinking and trying not to overreact. Vian telling himself, These are just materialistic things don’t let them affect you, we are more important as a soul.

Vian knocks on the door, no one responds. There was a cold breeze in the air, with wet clothes, he was shivering, he sneezed ACCHIIII! Realized he might suffer from cold and fever- awesome!

Vian impatiently banged the door, and it opened, as if it was already open, Vian was glad. Vian peeped inside and said HELLO!

Vian waited excitedly, thinking someone will be coming. Vian- HELLO! Vian here!

No one came, there was silence only we can hear the noise of the spoons from the kitchen tingling due to strong wind, no electricity, dark outside, the scene was less visible and more terrifying. Boxes were all kept here and there. Vian stood outside for a while, he was shivering, he went inside. Standing near the door. Vian- Abey koi hai kya ghar mein?

Vian standing at the door, saw blood stains on the key box. He went closer, touched and smelled it, it was blood. Vian became tense. He looked inside the flat, a thunder cracked, and in that light he saw something on the floor, and went close to it, crawling down it was blood, a lot of blood. He is petrified and nervous now! He followed the blood drop trails and it went near the stairs towards the upper floor.

Walking slowly, cautious just like Sam Neil in Jurassic park walking in the jungle fearing from where the dinosaurs might come from. Vian didn’t realize he was breathing heavily. See’s there is blood on the handrail of the stairs. He twisted his neck up, there was no one. He is feeling thirsty, turns his neck towards the door wishing somebody could just come in. Vian went upstairs, saw blood on the wall, he rushed now! Vian, Someone’s in danger?

Vian- HEY! Kon Hai Madarchod!

Shouting like crazy. Vian waited before the last step, and went ahead there were two rooms, kicked the door of the first one, it was empty, clean, no mess. He rushed to the other one and kicked the door, he got imbalanced and was about to fall as it was already open. He grabbed the table and stopped himself from falling flat. He froze after what he saw, Amyra half naked with torn clothes lying on the floor, bleeding from every part of her body. Before Vian could react, he was hit hard on his head by the guard hiding behind the door. Vian’s vision was totally blurred, the juvenile guy came and banged Vian’s injured part of the head again with a table lamp. Vian falls on the floor, bleeding, just near Amyra. Amyra’s eyes were open, but she was looking more like a live dead body, neither she was reacting nor she was breathing. She was completely frozen.

The blood near Vian’s face was flowing like a river in various directions.

Two lovers on the floor, covered with blood, under the darkest room with little light from the bedroom window falling on them as the curtains go up with the wind, the ugliest sight it can be for any human to watch, a display of cruelty.

Vian unconscious in his own world falling into a deep black hole well, neither could find where he was going, in all this, he was thinking. Tell me O Lord! that it’s just a bad dream, please tell me that it’s not real. Please! Please! Please!

Chapter 2: To Be Continued in next page…
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