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Book Review of A Thing Called Destiny by ibhartiyawriter

If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.

Marilyn Monroe.

Indeed, don’t we all want to be loved and pampered in this manner? And yet, how many of us actually are that fortunate enough to be able to be loved so unconditionally, in this way? Well, today let us explore and read about one such story that revolves around that “forever kind of love” through a review of A Thing called Destiny by ibhartiyawriter.

A Thing Called Destiny

Neelam Sharma www.booxoul.com
Author: ibhartiyawriter


Like breathing, like a heart beating. Beyond the control of her consciousness.

Oh, my Lord. Love and its many intricacies. These words had this series of shock wave kind of feelings in me. These words which the main protagonist Vidushi used, to describe the kind of love she had for Vinay, made the hair at the back of my neck, prickle for some reason. I felt as if some kind of raw emotion was unleashed when this point came along in “A Thing Called Destiny”, a brilliant new tale of love set in the modern day and yet honouring and exemplifying love as and how it has proceeded and built along the way aided by Dharma and our cultural heritage.

The love story of Vinay and Vidushi is a tale of selfless, dedicated love and compassion that is often read about but seen sparingly, especially in modern times. Unfortunately, in today’s times, relationships seem to have been reduced to a mere pile of give and take and have lost all the innate warmth and compassion that used to be their characteristic traits. Hmm, I know you will be like, “Marriage is Pandora’s box,” but hey, why should it ever be that to be able to be loved, you need to first give something in return? Can’t one be loved unconditionally for who and how they are? Why the conditions? Why the prerequisites? Isn’t that what actually defines true love-the selfless unconditionality?

Yes, we the people of India, are made somehow differently, aren’t we? When it comes to love, we also have traditions and beautiful rituals, practices which adorn our lives and practices and have been doing so for hundreds of years now. It is only in India that you will truly acknowledge and recognize the true significance of “Saptapadi” or the seven holy, religious commitments that a couple might take whilst doing the 7 holy “pheras” or rounds or the sacred fire during marriage.

Anyways, coming back to this story, one word for it-simply wow. The way “ibhartiyawriter” as the author has shared his pen name, has brought forth a fusion of some of the most wonderful concepts of true selfless, uncompromised and heartfelt love along with pain is writing at some other intense level I’d say. Yes, it is true where there is love-selfless, pure love there is bound to be pain-pain of longing, pain that our beloved be happy and content at all times. I could feel that pain whenever Vinay used to do the things he did, for Vidushi. The manner in which their love story has been shown, blossoming through the various stages, the 2 of them, proceeding, knowingly and unknowingly to the next level in their relationship was so warm that I haven’t off lately read something of such an intense nature. Yes, Vidushi could be the valiant, vivacious girl next door-sweet and charming, having a heart of gold and yet as mischievous as a child could be. And yet, I loved the way the Author has penned her character, balancing it at places with a maturity beyond expectation.

Coming to Vinay’s character, well, I personally would kill for such a guy. I mean, guys, a man who has gone to such lengths to incorporate his would-be “wife’s” wishes, desires, and dreams, accepting them alongside his own and fusing them with his life so seamlessly that he can actually go ahead and fulfill her dreams and desires surreptitiously, without making her visibly aware, is like next level gentlemanliness, uff. The way he conducts “Operation Sambhav”, a name he gives to his pursuit of actually living and getting “married” to her in his mind, at his terms (Saptapadi), is absolutely a delight to read. I felt as if this was some fabulous Indian Mills & Boons, that it was a lot more sensible, having the backdrop and roots of our culture embedded in it subtly but surely. Proceeding along the way, discovering and reading how the two eventually get committed to each other will reaffirm your faith not only in love but also in Indian Dharmas as well as our culture as a whole. Yes, Saptapadi or the seven religious commitments, are indeed an indispensable part of our societal institution of marriage, and their significance has been elucidated in a beautiful and heart-touching manner through this tale of love between Vinay and Vidushi.

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Vinay, hands down, for me is my favourite character since I for one, am a sucker for great love stories and characters and he could easily replace some of them in my list of the ones I truly adore. The way he handles everything, coy yet fully understanding was awesome especially after I realized he was doing it to fulfil Vidushi’s wishes and desires. That kind of love is something we all wish we get, don’t we?

All in all a great love story, with a whole lot of interesting trivia attached to it from our dharmic past. Pick this one if you want to drown yourself in a love story like no other. Warning: You may come off it a bit overwhelmed, teary-eyed but nevertheless happy, content and soulful.

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  1. Rekha Bhagtani May 30, 2023 at 8:35 pm

    In today’s times, when true love has all but disappeared this sounds like a brewth of fresh air. will check it out for sure.

  2. Niveditha June 1, 2023 at 9:56 am

    I’ve read this book too…

  3. Shifali June 1, 2023 at 3:18 pm

    wonderful book..
    well penned…read this book so it was re-reading this book along with your review…

  4. The Book Inspectors June 1, 2023 at 9:05 pm

    Oh my god! I so want to read this book now🥺 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Unboxing Perspectives June 2, 2023 at 12:06 am

    wow amazing 😁 I loved your analysis for the characters of the story 👍

  6. Kiran K Adharapuram June 2, 2023 at 11:11 am

    Appealing review.
    Though i am not a big fan of Fiction, your review is teasing me to pick this book.

  7. Towards Literature June 2, 2023 at 3:26 pm

    Your analysis is impressive. Loved the content.


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