Author Spotlight: Smita Das Jain, a content writing specialist as well as a coach

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The pen that promises to yield power

Be it creating stories from the age of 12, or giving viable, life changing strategic advice to mid career professionals, Mrs Smita Das Jain is a master of all and how!!!

A management professional from IIM INDORE, for Smita, her writing prowess had always been a point of interest, having garnered appreciation since early years.

She wrote her first article at the age of 12 and then became the Chief Editor of her school magazine shortly after that.

Gradually, she wrote quite a few articles, whitepapers, reference articles and publish papers after that. However, creative writing took a backseat at that time. Following this, in order to pursue her desire to learn something new, she enrolled in Stanford continuing studies, taking up their courses in creative and novel writing. A slice of life, a book of short stories is her first creative attempt at the craft of writing. Having written not only poetry but also short stories, articles as well as many other creative pieces, she has also written a novel, the nth version of which she is currently editing.

Smita chose to come out with her compilation of short stories before her novel as she felt that with bite sized content of this sort she could target professional, career oriented individuals like her who wanted to read and savour the stories at their own pace, one at a time. ‘A Slice of Life’ has stories from everyday life, something everyone can surely relate to.

Smita is inspired by Jeffrey Archer’s writing style. An unabashed Archer fan, she swears by all of his titles adorning heŕ bookshelves, pride of place. Having said that, A twist in the tale is her favourite short story compilation by him.

Writing helps her keep calm amidst the chaos of life.It is a sort of vent for her to let out her feelings and emotions. She has made it her habit to write something everyday because she strongly feels that gives her immense creative satisfaction.

As far as creating a good, indulging book is concerned, Smita feels that a writer should know their characters well. To quote her: 

Your characters should be talking inside your head and you should be able to reproduce that on paper through your words.

She also asserts the fact that one’s characters need to be real whilst being in a fictional setting. For those wishing to understand this concept at a better level, please do visit her blog.

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As a personal life coach, Smita also helps people become the best version of themselves, helping them find meaning and purpose in their lives. Smita loves mentoring, empowering and observing people.

Smita’s debut short fiction, A Lost Identity was published in 2021. By that time, she had decided to take a break in her corporate career to put her writing passion to fruitful pursuit. She has been writing for highly acclaimed platforms such as Story Mirror, Pemmancy and Women’s web.

Smita is a certified Digital creative as well as content writer too. Smita loves to write something everyday and swears by the fact that this is in fact the secret sauce or the key ingredient constitiuting successful writing.

Join us in celebrating this super Author and wishing her the very best in her endeavour.

Do grab a copy of ‘A Slice of Life’ (Releasing on 16th September) by her to delve into little bites of human emotions and celebrate the idiosyncrasies of life.

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