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Purane Pipal Ka Jinn by Anuj Tikku is a horror story that oscillates the fine abyss between the normal and the paranormal, depicting to us what can truly go wrong when occult forces are insinuated.

Do you know the queer thing about the paranormal? I would say the fact that there is simply no logical chain of explanation for it and also the fact that the events that occur around such an activity simply remain unexplained and undecipherable for keeps.

Well, that is indeed a reality with the paranormal, and I always enjoy reading horror stories, especially those that revolve around such scenarios that do come out of the ordinary walks of life, seemingly idyllic and yet uncannily strange to muse upon.

I am referring here to my recent read, “Purane Pipal ka Jinn” by actor Anuj Tikku. A story revolving around the paranormal, this revolves around actor Arvind Prakash and his fateful trysts and encounters with sheer horror when he decides to displease and unknowingly offend such a force. When Arvind, a successful methodical theatre actor and bachelor, errs unwittingly, his actions having caused him to fall into the path of the inevitable “jinn” and his destructive powers, Arvind is nonplussed.

He had taken a break from acting when he decided to visit Varanasi at the insistence of his friend Shiv Swarup. There, getting engulfed in the mystics of the Pipal tree and its sacrilege, when he erringly decides to pee on the grave of a fakir under one such tree, little does he know that this act of his can land him in a fate so brutal that he will only cower under its implications. The result is that when he returns from Varanasi, he experiences a rotting and strange sort of pain in his private part, making him believe that he has caught some major disease.

Being at wit’s end, he has no choice but to get himself checked and medicated. However, medication proves to be futile in this case. As he discovers that there is more to this than simply a matter of medical attention, he realizes the grave offence he has committed by peeing upon that grave and wants to now set right what he has wrongly done.

As he enlists the help of Shiv Swarup, his best friend, who guides him to seek the guidance and help of Chintan Haran Aghodi Baba, the story takes many more complex and strange twists and turns. Whether Arvind can set his wrong right or whether his “sexual escapades” with his lady interest Shabnam can resume after this fateful punishment bestowed upon him by the occult, well, you have to read the rest of the book to find it all out. P.S., this one ends on a cliffhanger with a little snippet informing us of the next book in the series, “Pischach Mochan Mandir Ke Jinn.”

Also by Anuj Tikku:

Well, to begin with, for starters, the story was nicely plotted and built. I liked how Arvind’s character sketch was meticulously explained in the beginning. A detailed description of his lifestyle and profession, along with his habits, gave me a great idea of his persona. I liked how Anuj described Arvind’s acting routines, along with giving us insights into his personal life. I do have to add here that this narrative has errors by way of grammar, and I felt that it could have been a much better one with a bit of good editing and narration tweaks. However, the plot essence was in place, and the groundwork for the next book has been laid very well through this one. What can go wrong, what catastrophes can transpire once you decide to go on the wrong side of the occult and cross paths with evil forces such as jinns and mischances, Anuj has managed to capture pretty well through this one. I liked how he added bits of information and background knowledge to various aspects, giving us a foray into all the research he has undertaken to craft this one. For instance, the bits about the sacrilege and importance of the Pipal tree, the details about jinns, and the whole ideology being shared about what paranormal is, in reality, were good pieces of background information to read about whilst going on the journey alongside Arvind’s character. He has described the city of Varanasi in a picturesque manner as well, with the Ghats of Varanasi being vividly described.

Indeed, evil and good do dwell together, and it is up to us humans to take note and be wary of them, or unwittingly fall prey to a painful predicament. A good piece of horror, waiting for the next in the series.

So, I hope you guys liked my book review of Purane Pipal Ka Jinn by Anuj Tikku.

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