The 25 Best Christmas Songs of All Time

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Christmas is all about warmth, family time, love (turkey of course! And pretzels!) and Christmas songs and movies too. It is that time of the year when you simply want to retire with your loved ones, in a comfortable nook, bingeing away on home-cooked food, celebrations, carols and yes exchanging love and pleasantries primarily. It is that time of the year we want to thank as well as celebrate the arrival of our Lord. Christmas songs which are a compulsory element, form a part of every Christmas gathering and celebration. Presenting the 25 Best Christmas songs of all time.

As soon as you enter December every year, Christmas songs are the “done” thing as practically every place you turn to, be it a mall or a marketplace, or even someone’s home, you will surely come across festive vibes in abundance, the décor, works and Christmas songs being some of them.

It is those tiny little trinkets that adorn the Christmas trees, the shining golden star right on top, those sparkling fairy-like dolls, gift boxes, the mistletoe, the snow and other glitzy knickknacks(not to forget the crib of Baby Jesus) that truly make life worth living ya. I mean the entire month has this phenomenal, otherworldly sort of feel to it that I cannot even begin to put in words.

When I was a kid, Santa Claus arrived on Christmas at midnight, filling up my sock with gifts of my choice used to be the event I looked forward to the most. As I grew and realized the truth behind it, nevertheless I got accustomed to loving the whole “ritual” even more. Why? Simple. Faith. I used to love to revel and bask in that simple faith that yes, indeed a loving old man with a white beard and moustache and a big red sack of goodies and gifts makes his way across seven seas, on his reindeer-pulled sledge, dropping gifts down everyone’s chimneys and scattering happiness like magical sawdust as he goes. Sigh, those were the days!

Anyways, coming back to the present times, like I was saying earlier, today I thought of sharing with you a list featuring the 25 best Christmas songs of all time. With these numbers being an ode to the festive season, over a period of time, they have found their way into all sorts of genres such as western punk, hip hop, Indie and almost all unlikely places you might not expect them to crop up. So, let’s not wait further and dive into the festive mode heads first:

‘All I want for Christmas is you’re by Mariah Carey

Released in 1995, this one slowly but surely climbed its way onto the music charts topping the US and UK both. A timeless number, this one is one of Mariah Carey’s brilliant deliveries.

Christmas (Baby please come home) by Darlene Love

One of the most touching Christmas tunes of all time, accompanied by compelling vocals, and awesome lyrics that will surely make anyone melt away like snow. One of the most perfect Christmas songs.

White Christmas by Bing Crosby

A 40’s number, this one speaks of past stories, and disappointments, this one speaks of the White Christmas just like how we have always remembered it.

Stay Another day by East 17

Ok, a huge irony here. This one is actually a sad number inspired by the songwriter Tony Mortimer’s brother’s suicide. What with sleigh bells and 4 part harmonies this one is a deep, emotional number.

Do they know it’s Christmas? by Band Aid

An unconventional yet surprisingly great pop song, this one too was a chart-topper for quite some time. A track made in 1984 in response to the Ethiopian famine huh!

Happy X-Mas (War is over) by John Lennon & Yoko Ono

A peace-on-earth-for-all kinda track, this one has come way above its original anti-Vietnam war purpose, becoming a compulsory Christmas number.

Merry Christmas Baby by Ike and Tina turner

Need I even say more? Total R & B Style, a spirited freestyle track by the duo, ends with “Jingle Bells” for good.

Step into the Christmas by Elton John

A piano-driven number, this yuletide classic is probably one of Sir Elton’s simplest yet finest pieces of work. This a stunning track, this one.

Driving home for Christmas by Chris Rea

Ok, I feel this one, A loungey one, this one has all those ingredients you would want to indulge in during the festive times. True blue Christmas pie, this one peep, speaks about being stuck in the Christmas traffic.

Christmas in Hollis by Run-DMC

One of the most well-known hip-hop tunes, this is the story of Run finding Santa’s stuffed wallet right on Christmas eve. Bouncy, catchy this one will simply set you up for the festive mood.

Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley

A festive compulsory staple, this one is a 1948 country original number by the King himself. Yes, Elvis, we love ya’!

8 Days of Christmas by Destiny’s Child

Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle turned a cosy old holiday favourite into a brilliant R & B Christmas carol in these times. Sass overload this one!

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel by Sufjan Stevens

Haunting yet uplifting, this is one of my favourites by Sufjan, a reworking of the traditional favourite of “Songs on Christmas”. Perfect to get you into that Christmas mood.

Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms

After its release in 1957, this one topped the charts for 5 years in a row, retaining its holiday classic status even as late as the early 60s. Kinda reminds me of tinsel and paper crowns yeah!

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree by Brenda Lee

An all-time favourite, this one remains a sweet, sprightly classic, a marker of excitement about holidays and seasonal boogie-woogie.

Dear Santa (Bring me a man this Christmas) by The Weather Girls

Well, it’s raining men from the same album and this one together make up for the grooviest tracks ever written. Love the backing vocals in this one too!

Just like Christmas by Low

A wistful, lo-fi modern Christmas anthem, this one is full of sleigh bells. A genuinely cool 1999, Christmas track.

Hey Sis, it’s Christmas by RuPaul

A bone-shaking festive piece with old school, hip-hop flavour, this one is completely infectious and irresistible.

Mary’s Boy Child by Harry Belafonte

Recorded first by harry in 1956, this one hit number one twice albeit the other disco version recorded by Boney M in 1978 is great too. One song, two artists, both hitting number one!

Tis the damn season by Taylor Swift

A nostalgic one, this one finds the singer staying at her parents for the holidays, in full storytelling mode, taking in the small-town sights, and that familiar touch. Wanna call your high school crush for a stroll, anyone?

I wish it was Christmas today by Julian Casablancas

A great indie Christmas number, this one was actually a “Saturday night live” ditty written by jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz in 2000.

Little things by ABBA

Man, ABBA does all that is twinkly and sentimental in this one and it is truly gold guys. A Christmas song that came in late by them and nevertheless for all its novelty would have sounded like the perfect throwback.

I believe in father Christmas by Greg Lake

A folk-programmed Christmas classic, this is definitely one of Greg’s best tuneful compilations depicting the increasing commercialization of the festive season.

Santa’s got a Bag of the soul by Soul Saints Orchestra

A track from the mid 90’s by the German band “The Poets of Rhythm” albeit playing under a different name at that time, this one is groovy and cool.

Wonderful Christmas Time by Diana Ross

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Doused in sleigh bells and strings, this one is definitely fuller and more vintage than its original trippy counterpart, courtesy of the magical Soprano that forms a part of this one.

So, these were the 25 Best Christmas songs of all time as I see them over the years.

Do let me know in the comments what you think of these. BTW, let me know if you too, have any favourites to add to these. Stay tuned with us right here at Booxoul for the best in the field of entertainment, lifestyle, fun, finance, education, tech and gadgets as well as all things bookish.

Merry Christmas in advance you guys and gets those chestnuts and that turkey roasting you people!

Catch you real soon with another colour of the wonderful Christmas vibe. Till then Chop Chop says Santa, his goody bag bursting till’ you drop… 

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