Book Review: A Life Without Pants by Somesh Mittal

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Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forward.

Soren Aabye K

A Life Without Pants

Neelam Sharma,

Writing Style


Feelings, fears, friendships, insecurities, passions. All of us go through these intense emotional experiences, and the start of it all, without the shadow of a doubt, is teenagerhood. As we start to realize that we are our own person, many questions inevitably follow, as who we want that person to be, and how to get there. Saania Saxena, the sixteen-year-old author of Teenage Chronicles: My Journey of Self Discovery knows well what she writes about. With curiosity, a bright analytical mind, and the wise humility of someone who knows how much there is to learn from this world – regardless of the age one has reached – she narrates her first-hand life experiences and the consequent lessons she has elaborated and learned, sharing them with her readers. Philosophy and science are no longer intellectual and abstract concepts, but tools to better understand ourselves and ease our journey to self-discovery. A fresh, rich, and interesting work between narrative and essay, providing at the same time entertainment and suggestions to consider. A book recommended not only to teenagers but as well to adults that are still questioning themselves and in need of a fresh and original point of view to improve their self-perception. 


Indeed, what a summation this line is of the true philosophy of life and its disposition.

Right solutions to probably the wrong questions. Welcome to the world of contradictory paradoxical statements where the author Mr Somesh attempts to not only justify 2 sides of the same coin but does so in a truly intense manner compelling us to think and expand our perspective beyond what is actually visible.

In this fabulous human psychology meets self help kind of genre, the author has attempted to understand the different facets of life’s twists and turns while keeping in mind the bottlenecks of the same as well as justifying them too, in an acceptable fashion. He gives viable discussions and narrations, facts and figures and short summaries and instances to support his justifications which we shall resonate to in the end as we proceed to read and grasp his thought process.

The author has a visibly strong affinity towards not only understanding complex human emotions but also attempts to answering those age old paradoxes which for centuries now, have been a vital point of argument and discussion towards elevating one’s life condition. That said, the title promises to have a refreshing approach with not only its style of writing but also the content. 

The author has touched upon a plethora of topics whilst discussing the key points and is definitely well versed and enlightened in his research upon human psychologies.

Be it doctors, psychologists, researchers, prominent notable thinkers, or even great leaders, Somesh has put down research and viable nuggets of information from all of them for us to study and comprehend at once.

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It is rare to come across a research of this magnitude where the author has given a great deal of contribution in the manner of assimilation and compilation of information which can be proven otherwise and which is a life altering one.

I liked the manner in which the author has given small diagrams and pictoral representations to explain the theories behind every paradoxical claim. For instance, the story of the sage and the scorpion, where the former inspite of being bitten by the latter continues to save him is awe inspiring.It makes you realize the importance of larger than life concepts of dharma and karma whilst doing so in a relatable manner.

All the research as well as facts, figures and theories of the author have been very well verified and then explained by him.

One quote in particular which caught my attention was “ A man is like a novel: until the very last page you dont know how it will end. Otherwise it wouldnt even be worth reading.”– Yevgenzy Z

True. Life is actually like that. Till the last moment it shall continue to surprise us. It is we who have to take those surprises as they come in our stride with the right amount of zest and zeal , else we dhall simply falter.It is very vital as the author points out to understand the ergonomics of life living and all such theories before attempting to challenge our minds on their different outcomes.We need to not only broaden our perspective but also imcorporate those theories which have earlier just been considered impossible and fanciful by us. To broaden one’s mind is to look beyond the ordinary and pursue the extra ordinary.That, in essence is true life living. Understanding and applying essential, indispensable life theories to even contrary life situations and deriving the desired results.

Whilst we continue to read such titles and grasp the valuable mine of information and research they offer to understand life’s true paradoxes we can be sure of not only a better life living and disposition but also in a manner which is beneficial to the greater good of humanity as a whole.

Overall, a very engaging, one of a kind, unique book on life’s paradoxes, a life without pants will resonate with you once you read it, compelling you to think cause and effect out of the box and how!!

Pick the book if

  • You are a beginner level reader.
  • You are looking for books on Self-Helps
  • You have the urge to learn and grow as a person.

Skip the book if

Age Group

16 years and above

The final verdict

A must read

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