Book review: Teenage Chronicles by Saania Saxena

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Youth is not a time of life. It is a state of mind. It is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees. It is a matter of the will, quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions. It is the freshness of the deep springs of life.

Samuel Ullman

Teenage Chronicles

Neelam Sharma,

Writing Style


Feelings, fears, friendships, insecurities, passions. All of us go through these intense emotional experiences, and the start of it all, without the shadow of a doubt, is teenagerhood. As we start to realize that we are our own person, many questions inevitably follow, as who we want that person to be, and how to get there. Saania Saxena, the sixteen-year-old author of Teenage Chronicles: My Journey of Self Discovery knows well what she writes about. With curiosity, a bright analytical mind, and the wise humility of someone who knows how much there is to learn from this world – regardless of the age one has reached – she narrates her first-hand life experiences and the consequent lessons she has elaborated and learned, sharing them with her readers. Philosophy and science are no longer intellectual and abstract concepts, but tools to better understand ourselves and ease our journey to self-discovery. A fresh, rich, and interesting work between narrative and essay, providing at the same time entertainment and suggestions to consider. A book recommended not only to teenagers but as well to adults that are still questioning themselves and in need of a fresh and original point of view to improve their self-perception. 


Indeed, adolescence which leads up to this is one of the most trickiest periods of an individual’s life if truth be told. Be it the teenagers struggling with confusion and ideas of all sorts related to their freedom, independence and such concepts or simply the pains of growing up as we call it, it is one slippery slope to tread upon.

With this wonderful self help book, Teenage Chronicles: My Journey of Self-Discovery the author Saania Saxena has not only attempted to understand these diverse facets of teenage hood but also given valuable facts as well as solutions to all those break neck issues which the teens of today are encountering. Be it insecurity, jealousy, love, happiness or even something as trivial as curiosity, the author has explained the same in detail  from a very relatable vantage which actually makes it easy to understand and relate to the problem faced by the teenager and the corresponding solution.

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Saania has not only used fun narratives and little everyday instances  to put across her well researched, factual based conclusions but has done so in a manner which is engaging as well as enlightening too. I liked the usage of language in her narratives which is not only lucid but easy enough to understand her point of view. It is really amazing to note that the author has managed to gain such deep insights into psychological mindset and disposition of her peer age group at an equally tender age of 16.

She takes the help of 5 relatable character she has created solely for the purpose of putting across her observations. These small introductory narratives are followed by detailed discussions as to what is generally done and what actually needs to be done in those scenarios. I also liked how she has used little graphics and charts to explain her theories in a successfully convincing manner.

A must have self help book buddy of sorts for not only teenagers to guide them through their growing years, this book is a very vital one I’d say for parents too, to understand and exactly comprehend the nature and behavioural changes and streaks of their growing adolescent youngsters. A title not only rediscovering but motivating and reflective as well.

Youngsters will especially relate to her narratives and very easily see themselves in the position of those 5 characters at all instances.

I would call this an important subject matter for not only the teenagers but also the parents as this will help them relate to and fully understand and comprehend the daily problems, growing up mindsets as well as all those scenarios which otherwise pose a very big challenge for both the parents as well as for teenagers in their course of lives. There are quite a few self help books out there which explore these but Saania’s outlook and approach to the matter from a first person perspective and simplicity to keeping it factually relatable is what constitutes a refreshing take in this one.

Well done Saania for sharing such wise as well as practical anecdotes and gems of knowledge to everyone to help them lead a more sorted life course.

Pick the book if

  • You are a beginner level reader.
  • You are looking for books on Teenagers.
  • You have the urge to learn and grow as a person.

Skip the book if

Age Group

14 years and above

The final verdict

A must read for parents as well as teenagers

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