Book Review of BFF vs Bae by Janmejay Singh

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BFF vs Bae

Neelam Sharma,

Writing Style


In the modern world of complicated love relationships, life turns around for a young, meek, shy Jatt boy residing in the Jatt village of south Delhi when he accidentally meets a posh, sophisticated south Delhi girl in a bizarre accident and how love strikes… But there is one hell of an obstacle that this Jatt boy has to endure… and the obstacle is no one else but the girl’s BFF, who is a sensible, smart, sleek, south Delhi guy and he would leave no stone unturned just to check if the Jatt boy is eligible for his BFF. Here the battle lines are etched as the Jatt boy has to prove his worth not only to the girl he is madly in love with but also to the girl’s guy BFF. A fun whacky drama ensues between BFF and BAE. Who will the girl choose Will it be her BFF or will it be her BAE?


A Friend would ask your crush if he likes you.

A Best Friend would push you into him, scream “Get Some!” and run away.”

Hehe. These tickling lines do surely sum up the true meaning and existence of that Best Friend Forever (BFF), the one who will always stick by your side no matter what, the one who will not only cross all oceans for you but push you into one, howling and jumping themselves seconds later, confessing “ mujhe swim karna toh aata hi nahi hai re..”. That’s the kind of love and dedication BFF’s have for each other.

Our book in review today, BFF vs BAE is the story of 2 such friends Sanju and Reet. The story revolves around these 2 BFF’s and also Reet’s Bae, Priyank. The depiction of the relationship of friendship and also the true meaning of what really a true Bff signifies is what constitutes the core essence of this book.

I especially enjoyed the camaraderie between the 2 Bff’s. Indeed, kaun kehta hai that a boy and a girl can’t be Bff’s? In fact, looking at the bond between these two one can only say say that indeed Bff’s are those who stick with each other through thick and thin. 

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The plot has been designed in a manner to put forward the cute tete a tete of besties and will make you relive your yesteryear memories.

The language used is simple. Albeit I have one point to make here. The abrupt transition in the conversations between the characters, especially in absence of indirect address explanatory pointers i.e who said the line to whom made the conversations complicated to comprehend and understand completely. Whilst creating prose, especially direct dialogue it is vital to use these bits of information, to ensure that the readers understand the flow of the narrative and there is no scope left for confusion.

With a bit of fine crisp editing here, this could have been avoided. I also felt that the narrative could have been a bit slicker, especially towards the middle part of the book.

On the upside, as I mentioned earlier, the spirit and solidarity depicted through the friendship of these 2 was the plus point that kept the narrative highly entertaining and kept the story spicy.

Indeed, we all surely should have that one Bff in life, to whom we can bear our heart out, the one who stands for us rock solid against all odds, one whose back is the one we look up to even in times of distress. Wish I had on such cool BFF. Hehehe Wishful thinking.

Overall, a good fun title, Bff vs Bae is a slice of life that shows you the true side of emotions, takes you to the time spent with your best friend. Moreover, making you dive closer to life experiences, whilst taking you back to those memories of yesterday where we all have had that Bff.

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