Book Review of Confident Introvert Kid: From Shy To Confident In 5 Steps By Nayra Shah

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I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.

Indeed, mystique, imagination and wonder are such elements in life that if sought for or imbibed will only help change the world.  

Confident Introvert Kid

Review by Neelam Sharma,

Author: Nayra Shah

Writing Style


A book that will re-define the taboo of “Introvert Kid” to “Introvert Kid being a Superpower”!
This book is Nayra’s story of her own experiences in her own words of how she moved from being a ‘shy’ introvert kid to becoming a ‘confident’ introvert kid. Her purpose in writing this book is to help shy introverted young individuals become confident in 5 easy and fun steps.
This book will help:
* shy introvert kids not only accept themselves the way they are but also create more joy within them & become confident introvert kids. It also helped them to deal with daily life challenges like bullying, fears, failures, low self-esteem, what others think, social shyness and peer pressure in a confident way
* parents of introverted kids build a stronger loving connection with their kids and become their kid’s best friend
* teachers of introverted students to bring out the best in them and become their favourite teacher
The book includes more than 15 simple and fun tools which introverted kids can apply in their daily life for enjoying the journey of becoming confident introverted kids.


I happened to read and explore the writing by such a wonderful kid, who has not only changed my perception of “introvert” but done it brilliantly and how. Yes, folks, I am talking about Super Young Author Nayra Shah. Her book Confident Introvert Kid and also the journal for the same has completely changed and redefined my entire concept of what can be accomplished at a young age.

This young little lady who is 11 years of age, actually launched her first business (having been inspired by the show Shark Tank) called ‘The Secret Garden’ at the delicate age of 7 to sell her own paintings.

Navya, who then proceeded to become an Author came out with her first book called ‘Polly’s life adventures’ which is an adventure based on her experiences.

She has recently also launched a new venture called ‘Humanity Wonders’, an initiative to teach humanity skills to young individuals globally, part proceeds of which she donates to charitable causes.

CIK (Confident Introvert Kid) is a set of a book and journal where Nayra has shared her entire journey of transformation from being a shy, introvert to becoming a confident person. 

It is absolutely commendable I feel for a child, at such a young age to address and solve challenges related to such a complex issue such as an introverted mindset.


The book is divided into different sections which talk about and peruse at length, the bottlenecks of being an introvert and also give a bit by bit breakdown of the entire concept and what one should do to overcome this mindset, thereby becoming a confident person. She has in minute detail, explored as well as mused upon what exactly means by being an introvert, what emotions such a person goes through and a detailed analysis of the differences between them and extrovert and ambivert kids.

She has provided a step by step breakdown of how one can identify one’s fears, identifying them radically and also providing an intense, intricate solution on how to go about discovering one’s natural strengths, getting more perfect at the social game and so on. The manner in which one can dream big and also achieve those dreams is one of the high points that Navya has focused upon, I feel. This for me at least, was what made this title a cut above others.

For me, for starters, it was beyond astonishing that a child this age is actually so adept at identifying and solving these lifestyles, behavioural issues which are actually the so-called domain of “elders”. Nyra has managed to crack open a grave issue and provide logical, applicable solutions to a taboo that is one of the biggest demons a person faces in any walk of life. Kudos to her for having strategically enlisted the theory cause and effect wise, linearly breaking down each ideology and giving us the root cause behind each core.

The writing for me was superb and enlightening. It was very much consolidated to address the issue at hand and had a friendly tonality to it. The journal which accompanies it is an extension of the same in a manner that it helps us put those steps into actual practice with the help of certain steps enlisted in it, which when followed will surely yield the desired results.

I have heard the dictum, ‘Children do not move, think or speak in a straight line and neither does imagination nor creativity. But sadly, our standardized pathways of education do’. 

So true these words ring today in my ears when I sit back and mull upon how Nayra, through such a meticulous, illustrious piece of writing has broken the age-old myths that knowledge only comes from age. Sometimes, experiences and observations, even at a young age, if properly encapsulated can become life-changing, transformational objects for the masses and that is exactly what Navya has created through her work. A wonderful piece of writing everyone must surely read.

So, this was my review of the Confident Introvert Kid book and journal for you by Nayra Shah. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

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