Book Review of The Witch’s Pit by Ishita Padiyar

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The Witch’s Pit

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul

Writing Style


In this book, the 4 girls – Sally, Sarah, Olive and Olivia continue their adventures in the witches’ pit and discover a terrifying secret of the pit.

My Thoughts

Indeed, Looking at the splendid book created by 7 year old author Ishita Padiyar, I am compelled to think that surely age is simply not a criteria and once a person decides on creating a superb piece of work as she has done then all others factors like age, experience, etc are mere reasons. A talented and gifted writer this young little author has chosen a genre definitely suited to her age from reading point of view,but nevertheless, tricky to write.

First Impression is the last ipmression, or is it?…

This marvellous book written by 7 year old Ishita compelled me to get back to reading a children’s book. Though, I am not averse to reading the same, nevertheless, I read them very few and far between, as and how I manage to make time for it.

This title, exceptionally though, compellingly pulled me to delve into it and I must say I was amazed at the kind of narration and writing adopted by Ishita at such a tender age Not only was it lucid and flowing complacently, also at the same time the plot had me intrigued as well as the characters and the story structure.

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My surmising

The thrill and adventure she manages to create as the story proceeds is fast paced and enjoyable too.

What I enjoyed the most is the simplicity as well as the relatability of the characters and the ease with which the narrative was carried forward to its successful completion.

Language and Genre

It is an enjoyable title,written especially for young children. What with the kind of magical world and characters created,I am sure each and every kid will find it entertaining as well as appealing to read.

Sally, the main character will surely remind each one of us of our childhood as you will all agree that we all have been a bit reckless as well as curious, brave as well as daring.

Overall, a very good title I must say especially for kids.

The core idea

It is a story set around the main character Sally who moves into a new house to Germany. She encounters wondrous and strange findings and with the help and support of her friends she makes at the new place, she solves the mysteries concerning that place.

Characterizations as they appear

All the lead characters including Sally and her friends are relatable as well as closer to life which I feel is a personal touch because in a children’s book what should  be relatable at the end of the day is the simplicity as well as closer to life aspect .

Mr Warrior, another strong character, from the book, is one I feel goes a long way to finding a strong place from the point of view of a message deliverance as generally our younger generations relate more to such characters and look upto them for moral building and following.

I Liked

The book is written interestingly and had me intrigued throughout. It was fast paced as well as moral building, akin to how a children’s book should be.

Could have been better

To be honest, can’t say anything much here because it is a well written book, considering the tender age of 7 at which Ishita has written it. Commendable work at this age!


A well pictured, well conceptualized kids book which has all the possibilities of being taken further in the manner of a series. Would be waiting for the next, if there is in this as Sally and her friends seem to be the ideal kind of group to indulge in man other adventures again.

Pick the book if
  • You are looking for a good children’s book with a fabulous story and picturizations.
  • It is well written for a children’s fantasy book.
Skip the book if
  • Definitely a pick up I‘d say for not only children but anyone who appreciates good writing.
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