Book Review of Constant Conundrums: Unveiling Love and Other Puzzles by Nikhita Kale

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It’s amazing how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with all the little pieces says Ella Harper do we agree with her and how! Exploring and decoding the deep intricacies of love through a tale of friendship, true love, heartbreak and much more – Constant Conundrums: Unveiling Love and other Puzzles by Nikhita Kale, a book review.

There is no greater force to conquer all odds than love in this world as love alone has the power to unleash a force over the worse which we know not…

Indeed, strange and mystic perhaps are the ways of love. A riddle oddly twisted and yet equal parts fulfilling, equal parts satiating and in the middle all but baffling, well that is love for you peeps! One can never really know, fathom or completely understand all the intricacies of it till they happen to be the one to be in love, to experience the enigma, the puzzlement of it, first hand.

And that is exactly what Raina, one of the main protagonists in ‘Constant Conundrums’ are about to discover. Leaving a dark past behind to escape from the pain of love itself, Raina moves to New York, vying for a better future, trying to erase all that she has left behind. Working in a brilliant company she also finds true solace and support in the company of her friends who are more than family. But as fate would have it, in a short span of time, this “nearly perfect” life, this moving on if we call it, is being disrupted in an attempt to uncover her past as well as the secret she has been trying to keep under the wraps. And the tricky part? Well, this is not only going to be affecting her personally and disrupting the happiness in her life but all those around her too, who care for her. Where does all of this ultimately lead to? Will it completely destroy the little haven of solace she has been trying to create? Or will true love conquer all? 


To begin with, the story, the characters as well as the plot were all created in a brilliant manner by Nikhita. I completely got the flair and the flavour of friendship as well as that feeling of “friends like family” through this one. Indeed, when one is blessed in life with friends who take the place of family, helping you battle your lows, and celebrating your highs like crazy, you have little to complain about in life, as difficult as your scenario might be, almost regardless of the dark place where you are coming from. That is the pure magic of true friendship, no strings attached. Very intricately woven into the main plot.

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As far as the character build-up goes, be it her friends or any other, Nikhita has kept the tone of her story casual, accommodating enough to imbibe the mains but ensuring that the story overall is an easy read, taking care of the overall tonality not being too overwhelming. Albeit I did feel, towards the end, the narrative got a bit rushed, not letting each aspect take a full circle closure but that is just a mere technical trifle which is sure could be easily overcome and avoided when Nikhita writes her next. Without giving away much spoiler to this one, I want to simply put forth the fact that this story is a relatable one which will surely make you go back and mull upon the intriguing facets of life that we tend to overlook and take for granted so many times. Yes, love is a force, it is the single most important driving factor in any relationship, in any person’s life, creating as well as leading the path of their lives, determining the outcomes of their fate. Fate-which might be pre-destined and yet alterable with the power of true love. A great read Constant Conundrums: Unveiling Love and other Puzzles, the freshness in Nikhita’s voice comes across from her writing and I am sure her next one will be as great a piece of writing leading us to one more such slice of true life through it. Here’s wishing her the very best for her next endeavour and waiting for her next one eagerly. A note I want to add here today for her is a special mark of an acknowledgement as I always feel that writing random stories which nevertheless contain facets so extraordinary that they have your heart is certainly one of the trickier forms of writing and Nikhita has succeeded in this one brilliantly.

Constant Conundrums: Unveiling Love and Other Puzzles

Neelam Sharma
Author: Nikhita Kale




So, hope you guys liked my book review of Constant Conundrums: Unveiling Love and other Puzzles by Nikhita Kale (I love the title of this one, BTW).

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Happy Dhanteras to you my lovelies!

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