Book review: Gypsy Soul: A collection of Poems Vol 1 by Sumitra Biswal

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The feeling is often the deeper truth, the OPINION the more superficial one.

Augustus William Hare.

Gypsy Soul: A collection of Poems Vol 1

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul

Writing Style


Emotions and perceptions are two short but powerful words that carry the essence of an ever-evolving entity called Life. Alas, they remain trapped, hidden, and suppressed in busy and monotonous bodies, struggling to transpire. GypsySoul releases these emotions and perceptions through strands of simple yet eloquent and expressive words, woven into poems that provoke thoughts, nurture soul, and stir imagination of the readers.


Indeed, feelings are the passage ways of our mind and heart through which we emote our musings. As someone had put anonymously,  “Feelings are much stronger than thoughts. We are led by instinct and our intellect catches up later.”

This is an extremely delicate, finely written cathartic collection of poems which are composed to mirror emotions which we experience in our daily lives but somehow tend to shy away from putting in form.

There are 18 poems in this book, each depicting a vital facet and crossroad of one’s life.

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For instance, ‘What would I do’ is an ode to our mothers and the fact that we are simply a nonexistent entity without them in our lives. Its one of my personal favourites as it explores this simple yet indispensable human feeling in a lucid manner.

The writing style adopted is heart warming and poignant, not to mention the ease of flow with which the author Sumitra has put across the ensemble, ensuring that each and every emote put across is done so in a beautiful, rendering manner touching upon the core of its essence.

Poems like ‘Won’t give up’ and ‘Can I envision’, not only show us the true face of the society but give us hope which is much needed , especially in undulating and uncertain times like this when hope is crucial and all that we have in the manner of positivity and imparting zealous life living.

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress and grows brave by reflection. Sumitra Biswal, who is an independent researcher in the field of cyber security and artificial intelligence, is one such reflector who has written these thought provoking poems giving her aesthetic side an ingenuous release.

Can’t wait to read her next, which I am sure would be as powerfully intimidating as this one. 

Pick the book if
  • You love reading Poetries
  • You love reading delicate Poetries

Skip the book if

  • You don’t like reading Poetries
Age Group

15 years and above

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