Book review of Detachable Sleeves by Smita Jha

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Detachable Sleeves

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



Detachable Sleeves is a collection of twenty poems that have been written with simplicity and pure emotions. Most of these poems stem from the internal monologues of the poet, some from moments of vulnerability and loss, and some from moments of strength and hope. There is a desire in them to reach out to those who can find their own tunes in these words, and take a moment to just feel, heal, find hope, and smile, one poem at a time.


This work is an intensely gripping piece of art. From daily life circumstances, to random musings this a collection worthy of aficionados of modern poetry.

Through the everyday subtle yet vital life happenings, the poet tries to capture a myriad of emotions we all must have surely felt the pangs of in our everyday course of lives. The poems are short yet sharply illustrative painting a picture that is elegant yet lush in detail. They depict the poet’s determinate, out of the box style of writing which comes across like a breath of fresh air. I would recommend this work for even non poetry readers as these little pieces are sure to stir the throngs of your heart and strike a chord with your deepset emotions. There is relatability in these works. I am especially nonplussed by how the poet has managed to turn the work to her will, silently putting across messages meant to appeal to the society as a whole.Take for instance, ‘I was born a woman’. So much power in her words. This one speaks of chastisement to women as well as all ruthless stereotyping faced by them, albeit silently.

A stellar work!

There is a plethora of different human emotions splayed across akin to different hues in a painting.
Some of them are short, but sharp micro poems, mini in size but more than making up for their weight in worth. Surely, good things come in small sizes in life, it is said. With this title, I surely have come to believe in this dictum.

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The style of poetry narration in a tiny story format like done in ‘her reason to smile’ is sure to tickle the pangs of your heart. Not only does it make these works of art closer to reality, but the style of writing used by the poet ensures a comfortable grasping and understanding of her ideas and visions, thanks to her stylish yet appropriate language usages throughout.

Go for this one if you want to read poetry but find poetic language daunting. It makes for an absolute treasure and is a wonderful read.

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