Book Review of Ichibun: The Secrets of Japanese by Kosuke Sendo

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Decoding Japanese techniques – Ichibun: The Secrets of Japanese by Kosuke Sendo.

Do you know why the Japanese always succeed in everything? That is because they have a methodical, logical approach to problem-solving and are the best decision-makers too. Presenting these philosophies through a book review of Ichibun: The Secrets of Japanese Precision by Kosuke Sendo.

Problems in actuality are never big or small. It is the approach we adopt towards them which decides their nature, extent and magnitude.

Completely agree with this one. As big a problem might be, they are a usual, routine part of life and all said and done, inevitable. Our response and reaction to them are what makes them significant or insignificant to us as also the manner in which we resolve them.

One may say that self-help is the best, one surely needs to adopt an out-of-the-box, dynamic problem-solving approach when encountering problems, especially on a regular basis as the basic pre-set framework of solutions generally does not always give the desired result.

A book I recently read gave me a brilliant, refreshing insight into solving difficulties and problems that threaten to encounter us in our day-to-day lives, disturbing the equilibrium of our decision-making and problem-solving approach. It also enumerates how to spot threats of any kind beforehand and actually look at them as an opportunity and not a challenge. 

So, coming to the title, well I believe ‘Ichibun’ means number one or the most important. Indeed, one needs to prioritize and learn how to deal with things in life as well as the right kind of approach in the same. 

There were several key points that I managed to gather from the stories splayed across the chapters of this one. From giving instances of crisis to flight cockpit scenes, Kosuke has set the bar for a rational approach to a supreme level as far as dealing with obstacles is concerned. Not only were the stories engaging enough to read and indulge in, the takeaway from each and every one of them was beneficial from a long-run point of view. Some of the bigger takeaways I jotted down were:

Check out and explore your options fully before coming to any conclusions.

Always make your priorities.

Remember any problem does not have only 2 perspectives to it. There are multiple vantages to anything and it is always a good idea to check out all possible options before you come to any decision.

You may or may not always be right in your decision-making. The margin of error is always there in every case and always be flexible enough to accept that there could be an error in judgement and also that there can be a next option or another chance to most issues.

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Helping towards improving one’s inner self, this book is a must, I feel for especially all frontline workers, employees, managers and bosses as mentioned in the blurb accompanying it as it contains on-field and on-site experiences which are greatly beneficial towards learning how to adopt an approach to a rational and adept decision making attitude and module in life. Based on actual events from Japanese aviation and other business fields this one, I’d say is a must-read for not only professionals as mentioned but for anyone who wishes to adhere to a better approach to life living.

I have always felt that dealing with the uncertainty of any sort be it personal or professional is a challenge and it requires a great deal of composure and establishing an equilibrium to push it out altogether from your life and your sight. This book certainly offered a refreshing as well as a relatable perspective towards doing so and also provided this information in a manner which was easy to understand and comprehend. The language was simple and clear. The stories even though technical, being from aviation and such, were relatable.

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For me, this surely is a must-read, to be picked up in case you really want to read, revel and soak in the true Japanese art of decision-making with precision. Albeit being non-fiction (which is usually touted to be a challenge to read) this one was a pretty engaging read.

Ichibun: The Secrets of Japanese

Neelam Sharma
Kosuke Sendo



Learn the Japanese way of avoiding problems, identifying threats and managing errors.
Whether in the business or technical field, this book is your go-to guide for managing and avoiding problems in your area.
Immerse yourself in and learn from forty-nine short stories based on actual events from Japanese aviation and other Japanese business fields.


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