Book Review Of Kachro by Chandrakant Desai: A Biography Exploring The Pursuit Of The Inner Soul

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Book Review Of Kachro by Chandrakant Desai

Suspended between the continuum of space and time,
I stand mulling over my possibilities.
Understanding the perplexities of life,
Searching for the ultimate enlightenment,
I move on like dirt… So crude, yet with effortless agility.


Review by Neelam Sharma,

Author: Chandrakant Desai

Writing Style
Story Telling


Kachro weaves the tapestry of his life through stories with romance, pathos, darkness, humour, and philosophy. The crow is his companion from birth to death. Sounds of cicadas, crickets, and the fragrance of Datura and Ratrani envelope his life. Kachro is laden with memories of his family and even bandits. Cruel and corrupt Kala kaka is tortured by dacoits. Dada Miyan, who manned a railway crossing, is full of benevolence and philosophy. Kachro embraces Lavaria (banjara) and adivasi girls as dream girls. Diminutive and uneducated, Govindkaka gives him ideas about space, stars, and duality. Kachro cherishes the memory of Pranmama who takes him to the Shiva temple, tells the story of the big vav (stepwell), and prays for the restoration of Kachro’s speech. Kachro sees and feels ghosts, like Madhu, who dies after being, Madhu, who dies after being raped by the lecherous priest. Kachro seeks his life song by learning from this multitude of experiences infused by devotion and silence.


I move on like dirt…so crude, yet with effortless agility.”

Really guys, sometimes aren’t you caught wondering what is it that I seek? Where do I come from? Where am I going? 

Well, the answers to these vital questions are what form the core of your life and everyone else’s too as man’s search for the true meaning and his inner soul is the ultimate quest he embarks upon during the journey called life.

So in case, you guys are wondering what is it that has led me to give you such bits of philosophy today, I recently finished reading a brilliantly written, unique fiction called “Kachro”.

“Kachro” which literally translates to dirt is the story of the protagonist with the same name. A foray into his journey, this poem in prose as the Author Chandrakant Desai himself says, is an experience as mystic as it is fulfilling. Not having been written along the usual lines of fiction, this is the story of a man who is on a journey to search and understand its true meaning and also embraces all those mystical experiences along the way that lends the true leverage to his search for incandescence and enlightenment. 

People who are fond of philosophical fiction will resonate with this one. Strictly to be read and pored upon slowly, carefully and calmly, Kachro is a work of fine art. Created with the most intricate metaphors, there is a lot of unspoken complexity of true-life behind the seemingly simple illustrations of life portrayed through this one. I, for one especially, had to re-read certain paragraphs in complete calm to understand the hidden meaning underlying the pages.

Poetry in prose, Kachro speaks of life from a very holistic, spiritual perspective. I, in fact, actually enjoyed deciphering the meaning of many paragraphs as they were not only relatable, but when I happened to mull upon them they seemed to be aligned with many life conditions I have seen and experienced.

A spellbinding biography, this one is full of thought-provoking insights that shall not only take you through Kachro, the main protagonist’s encounters and trysts with life and its fallacies, but it shall also enthral and wonder you with all those subtle, underlying messages which have been staring at you, all this while, with you having surreptitiously ignored them.


Indeed, that is the beauty of the Author’s writing I feel. To be able to accomplish this through a single piece of writing is no mean feat, yet Chandrakant has provided his readers with not only a philosophical but a spiritual connection to his story that stays on with them for long after they finish reading it.

Shunya, which is the ultimate reality or the inner soul, is what is Kachro’s ultimate pursuit, one which he tries to reach all his life, in the spiritual sense of the term. That for me, was a beautiful concept having been approached and perused upon, one which I feel is always present in the minds of all but never brought out of the closet. Indeed, aren’t we all in the pursuit of our true inner calling, the ultimate transcendence-our inner soul? Chandrakant’s book is a splendid read, promising to put you on a journey which shall amaze you, enlighten you, intimidate you and leave you yearning for more, making you get back to those questions I mentioned at the start-Where do we come from, where are am I going towards?

A brilliant book by a fabulous author, a biography one must-have for keeps, this one is a timeless piece of fiction.

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