Book Review: Kamaal-Not a Story of Just Another Terrorist by Adhyatm Awasthy

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Do you guys like fast-paced fiction? If yes, this one is surely for you. With a story that is not only written with a razor-sharp grip, Kamaal-Not a story of Just Another Terrorist by Adhyatm Awasthy is a suspense which albeit falls in the usual bracket of thriller fiction is way advanced, thanks to its out-of-the-box treatment and amazing storyline build up. A compelling narrative, a breakneck gait and an astounding emotional quotient attached make this piece of writing one of the notable thriller fiction titles this season

There come books once in a while which appear something and yet when you begin reading and perusing them, you realize that they are another story. They may not seem what they appear at the first glance, might contain ideas and issues deeper than what scratches the surface.

Book Review: Kamaal-Not a Story of Just Another Terrorist by Adhyatm Awasthy

KAMAAL-Not a story of Just Another Terrorist by Adhyatm Awasthy is a book which while I presumed would be the usual terrorist-based, racism-centred, usual kind of “story”, I was amazed at how quickly it transcended to something of another nature altogether. A story written brilliantly with multiple hues and aspects, here is a fresh piece of writing which has several emotions embedded at once, having been woven intricately and expertly throughout the narrative. Poignant and fast-paced, this was the story of Kamaal, the main protagonist whose portrayal was done in an absolutely unique manner, the perspective being not only to highlight the racial discrimination and the secular turbulences that continue to hound our country and society for multiple generations now, but it is also an attempt to surreptitiously highlight much more than what meets the eye.

This being the story of “Kamaal”- an infamous terrorist, also raises an important question-How much do we give importance to our better judgement against the enormous tide of racial bias which seems to have infiltrated our society for years now? Indeed, it is sad to see that we have taken it upon ourselves to deem a particular caste or sect to be inappropriate, letting our bias take control against our better judgment.

Indeed, as the title suggests this one is simply not the story of yet another terrorist. So then the question remains -Who is Kamaal?-An NRI turned terrorist? An actor who turned a terrorist? Or is he a conman who showed his true colours after his father was killed in Kashmir in a police encounter in a suspected act of terrorism? 

Great characterizations, a fast-paced plot and an absolutely riveting, gripping sort of message-driven baseline form the crux of this piece of writing by Adhyatm Awasthi. Whilst having portrayed prevalent political discord, Adhyatm has ensured that all the characters are developed well, in spite of being limited in number. Albeit there is a bit of constructive critical point I want to live here. The transitional depths could have been a bit more illustrative with more detail is given on what a character feels at the happening of any event or such. Leaving it as it is and jumping onto the next scene makes one feel kind of in a lurch sometimes.

With crisp and short chapters, I feel that the gait too, of the narrative, could have been a bit relaxed as it would have given some more laxity to the characters to get more intricately splayed. However, Adhyatm has ensured that the story runs in the correct designated mode, giving enough space for each of the characters to shine across.

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Be it Kamaal, Varun, Abbas or Kammy, Ahdyatm is built around each and every one of them, a vitality adept and best suited to their role in the complete scenario with the result being a super fast-paced plot which will surprise, and shock as well as amaze you, also compelling you to think out of the box on an extremely crucial aspect of the society- Why is it that we seem to be prejudiced always, caught up in the wrong kind of notions, without ever thinking that there might be a reason, a back story to the opposite person or clan’s behaviour?

sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam
saranam vraja aham tvam sarva-
papebhyo moksayisyami ma sucah

Translating this quote from Bhagavad Gita to its meaning – Abandon all varieties of religion and surrender unto me, I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.

Yes, indeed it is high time, we all as a society looked beyond religion, identifying and understanding the greater good, the need to be one with all in the community and clan and most importantly to understand the other person or group’s point of view and be more accommodating. This way we can proceed towards becoming a better nation, unlike the way we are currently where all we seem to be involved in is a catfight sort of atmosphere, with each of us trying to put the other clan down.

A great book, do pick this one up if you want to read fast-paced fiction. This a good piece of writing by Ahdyatm.

Kamaal-Not a Story of Just Another Terrorist

Neelam Sharma
Author: Adhyatm Awasthy



“Wrong Are Those Who Say That Every Muslim Is Not Bad?”

Who is KAMAAL?

An NRI turned terrorist? An actor turned terrorist? Or a common man who showed his true colours when his father was killed in Kashmir in a police encounter in a suspected act of terrorism?

Salim Chacha: “
He is the one. The world would remember him as a man who avenged his father’s death by killing kaafirs. He has proved himself worthy of being a dreaded terrorist.

Kamaal’s lawyer: “
Uninformed eyes are celebrating that a terrorist is to be hanged today. The world might think of him as a villain, but for me, he is a true hero!

Kamaal’s best friend: “
The world would remember him as the master of the stage, a true artist, and an upcoming sensation.

Things are not always as they seem. The deeper we dig, the clearer the picture gets, as this is NOT a story of just another terrorist.


So, I hope you guys liked my book review of Kamaal-Not a Story of Just Another Terrorist by Adhyatm Awasthy.

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