Book Review of Long Run – A Paradise Augmented by T Sathish

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Can a person get motivated enough to overcome all obstacles life throws at him? Read the book review of Long Run- A Paradise Augmented by T Sathish to find out

Long Run – A Paradise Augmented by T Sathish

Neelam Sharma,

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For a moment, imagine that you are twenty-something making tons of money in the stock market. The success is heady, and you’re living it up! When out of the blue, your car crashes, horrifically. You go off the spotlight. It takes months to even open your eyes, but you can’t see anymore.

A challenge like no other. Your defeat looks certain.

While you were enjoying the spotlight, you slid away from some of your past relationships.
Now, the question: Do you have it in you to make a comeback?
Meet Raghu, a livewire investment manager. Glitz, romance, and euphoric success filled his life, until the day his car and life overturned.
His body was broken; He couldn’t see anymore.

Was his spirit strong enough to overcome?

Come, join Raghu as he narrates his life story, one filled with challenges and some unanswered questions.


A happy Family or a Successful Career? What does one ultimately choose??

Well, this is a very crucial question and possibly the most important of all I feel which one encounters in life.

Whatever be your choice, I sincerely feel, at the end of the day, what matters is how one decides to go about facing the challenges they do, in their respective lives alongside also the fact that how much importance they decide to give to the work-life balance equation. It is very important, I feel for any individual to maintain this balance whilst also respecting the importance of how much each is essential and also how one can impact and support the other. It is not only pivotal that one stands successful and tall career-wise, it is equally essential to have a personal well-balanced kind of ergonomics not only with your family but with your own self.

The book I recently finished is such a title that explores the true value of human emotions as well as gives an insight into how family and loved ones are the sole pillars upon which the base foundation of one’s life exists. Also, how one decides to fight an atrocity that life hurls at them, converting it into an opportunity forms the core crux of this superb read.

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Enter Raghu, a 20 years something successful professional who is living the perfect, potentially successful life. An unfortunate accident leading him to turn blind turns the flow of incidents. Whether he will fight all odds, rising up like a phoenix with the support of his near and dear, whether he will turn his pain to power or else perish in the big quagmire life has produced before he is what forms the rest of the story.

Along with interesting snippets to read pertaining to the financial world, T Sathish has also shown us and nulled over the ergonomics of the true balance between personal relationships vis a vis work success and career. How important is a person’s personal life, his equation of the work-emotion balance has been mused upon very wisely?

Not only does Sathish provide a true inspiration via Raghu’s character, fighting off all odds and achieving what one truly strives for is the biggest takeaway one can expect from this piece of writing. 

Not only is Raghu’s character relatable but it is also as much closer to real-life as can be depicted.

The narrative was very engaging and fast-paced. What also struck me was the fact that a lot was said in less. Seldom is it that a writer manages to encapsulate so much within a limited amount. Sathish has not only touched upon emotional aspects but given so through a very interesting insight into financial markets too. Some may find it a bit excessive to read the financial market backdrop and details. However, that said it actually makes up for quite a refreshing read as it is insightful to gain the true momentum of the message Sathish imparts through his writing via this modicum where the story revolves around the career and impending life shifts of a highly ambitious person and also testifies how he stands through and emerges victoriously through the test of time.

A thoughtful engaging story. So that was my review of Long Run – A Paradise Augmented by T Sathish. Do grab a copy if you want to foray into a very inspiring read

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Book Review, Long Run – A Paradise Augmented by T Sathish

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