Book Review of Miracles Do Happen by Naina Pachnanda

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Neelam Sharma,

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Miracles do Happen is a book of over 200 poems, conceived during the greatest challenge to mankind in the 21st century – the Covid-19 pandemic. It is based on life, love, loss, failure, rejection, introspection, self-reflection, acceptance, manifestation, and abundant happiness.


Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them.-

Charles Simie.

Indeed, poetry is such a play of words that sometimes even the most straightforward and crisply written short verses might hold an uncanny power, leashing it upon us like an invisible sword, threatening to envelop us in their essence and shattering our realms of the orthodox, old-world thought process. The beauty of such candid, short verses is their simplicity as well as effectiveness in conveying their deep messages to the end reader whilst making him experience the beauty of the aesthetic art of poetry.

I happened to read such a beautiful collection of poems recently, written by Naina Pachnanda. A lawyer by profession, I am pretty much blown by the fact that she is also pursuing such an intricately artistic pursuit such as writing besides the challenging, esteemed and heavily demanding profession she has been into for some time now.

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Penning down poetry is certainly an art. True, many times writers are gifted with the art of using heavily floral language, fancy words, playing with rhymes and words and so on. However, the real challenge lies in writing simple, yet effective and communicable short poems which hold the potential to capture the reader’s heart and soul as soon as their eyes land upon these intrinsic pieces of art.

Naina Pachnanda’s poems here are exactly that. Like a breath of cool fresh air on a warm summer’s day, a splash of colours making the canvas come alive and teeming with the energy of all sorts, these pieces which claim to be have been written during one of the trickiest times known to mankind, namely the Covid19 pandemic. What is fascinating is that they have been conceptualized in a manner that is not too complex yet each piece seems to be having beauty and relativity of its own. Based on life, love, loss, rejection, failure, hope and all other life elements that form an indispensable part of our lives, these tiny nuggets aka short bursts of relevance and wisdom are sure to make one’s day and also give them true slices of life to muse upon and adhere to. Compendious and laconic, these tiny little beacons manifest the radiance to not only transform one’s life but do so in a life-altering manner. That’s the power of poetry I feel. Short yet subtly suitable, laconic yet laboriously enlightening.

The illustrations that accompany the pieces are short yet appear like those little bursts of imagery that often work as not only a breather of sorts but provide a pee wee pause giving a refreshing break to the tirade of emotions that are splayed across.

The cover is absolutely stunning. With soothing hues and colours, it is one of the prettiest I have seen in a while. The book has around 200 poems, each nestled in a bundle of sorts with little imagery attached. The poet surely has a way with words and without being too overtly lyrical as happens to be the case most of the time in poetry, she has managed to not only capture the attention span but also delivered impactful messages through her writing.

Whilst poems like The Coronavirus, The New Normal give us a foray into hope in these troubled times pieces like suicide is never an option, Depression is real and Courage shows the huge spectrum of emotions she manages to address and cover. Pieces like “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, More Gratitude, Compassion and Liberate yourself, speak of wisdom beyond years as they show the plethora of gratefulness the poet holds and urges us to inculcate in our personas. Pieces like The Golden Cage add other flavours and emotes to the exhaustive and meticulously crafted array of emotions and life living spectacles conveyed by her.

Beautiful, warm and heartfelt poetry is elegant yet abundant at the same time.

So that is it with the review of another fabulous book from all of us here at Booxoul today. Stay safe, maintain social distancing and be positive folks.

I hope you like the book review of Miracles Do Happen by Naina Pachnanda. Do let us know what you think in the comments.

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