Book Review of Prisoner of Secrets by Lata Gwalani

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Prisoner of Secrets

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul

Writing Style


A most unusual story of love.

Do relationships built upon the one foundation that relationships must never be built on – secrets – really crumble?
Set in South India in the 1950s, this is the story of Meera, Manuel, and Shankar – three conflicted souls each with secrets that can destroy the other.

A story told in a way where you, the reader, are privy to the secrets and made part of the conflict as you watch the story unfurl into consequences that arise when one becomes a prisoner of their secret.


Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved a girl and her laughter was a question he wanted to
spend his whole life answering.

The History Of Love.

Mushy lines aren’t they? Well, I believe all beautiful love stories surely and steadily begin on this note
only. The delicacy of emotions, the fine elegance of commitment- these lasting bonds are marked by
such intricate jewels always.

But, what if some other unforeseen circumstances transpire, unleashing doom upon the lovers? Can
secrets in relationships be detrimental? Let’s find out.

Our book in review today is a fabulous old-world romance called Prisoner of Secrets written by Lata Gwalani.

For me personally, whenever I read a book, the writing style has always been of paramount importance. I sincerely feel that a good narrative takes up even an average story several notches ahead. Because a good narration always makes it akin to your LIFE STORY. You automatically start resonating with the characters, their life situations and blend into their world at that point in time whilst you are reading.

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Lata’s writing style for me was highly influencing. I found Prisoner of Secrets as powerful a book as I had found the writing by Sharanya Manivanan in The Queen of Jasmine Country. I was completely into the sync and flow with the story, simply wafting away into the enthralling soiree, the story of Manuel, Meera and Shankar. I felt each emotion whilst reading the book. Be it the love, Heartbreak, separation, the sensation of their first kiss, their desires as well as their ambitions I could taste each of these, distinctively as and how they appeared during the course of the story as it unfolded.

A love story set in South India in the 1950s, the characters of Meera as well as Manuel, Mathew and Shankar felt absolutely closer to real life. I have read several Love stories. For me, the exceptionality of this one was surely closer to the real-life depiction of the characters. For instance, the fact that Meera and Manuel connect through their love for books and Literature was so real. It felt straight out of the true World, a world we live and breathe in and where we see and relate to such relationships and stories often.

This is a story that examines the conflicts that occur when there are secrets in a love relationship and what exactly transpires out for those who become a prisoner to such a secret. 

Although set in the old world backdrop, this one exudes a refreshing charm, almost an enigma of sorts as far as the Love depiction is concerned. There are beautiful quotes used by the writer at places that will make you not only delve into the quintessentiality of Love as the prime emotion but push you headfirst into experiencing the pain as well as all the fine emotions the characters experience throughout the course of the book. For me, the quotes were an added bonus as I always enjoy reading Romances through the lenses of mystic Love quotations and sweet words of Infinite Nothings. I sincerely feel such quotes not only add color but also spunk and life to the whole story.

Lata’s writing style is crisp, engaging as well as lucid. The narrative is highly engaging and the plot relatable. The Tamil, as well as Malayalam references and words throughout, add a picturesque touch to the story giving it a unique flamboyance and vibrance.

A stellar piece of writing and an excellent book by Lata Gwalani. Eagerly awaiting her next work.

Hope you like the book review of Prisoner of Secrets by Lata Gwalani. Let us know your views in the comment section below. Thank you all

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