Book Review: My Little Book of Nonsensical Poetry by Tasnima Yasmin

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I think it is in the nature of an avid reader to make everyone around them to give reading a try. We can’t imagine how anyone else can’t enjoy reading when we dream all day of places where you have to do nothing except reading. I am right, right? But our hard efforts often go in vain because how can a book be more entertaining than a mobile phone, TV, laptop, or anything else?  Don’t be upset my fellow readers; there’s one way to increase the number of members of our small community. We will recruit children!!!!!

My Little Book of Nonsensical Poetry by Tasnima Yasmin is a small collection of twenty-four poems, written mainly for children. Exactly the thing we were looking for! The poems are presented with vivid and beautiful illustrations that will surely enchant the tiny would-be readers. The poems are based on objects from our everyday life, presented in a humorous and witty way, and the kid with the book is definitely going to be entranced by it. And who knows, maybe he/she will be asking for another book pretty soon! Surely better than asking for a mobile, right? You can use this book for bed-time reading or having some fun time with children around you. My Little Book of Nonsensical Poetry is the book that will get beginners hooked to reading (and recruiting them to our club) Also, why just children? The child in us is always craving for some light and cute read. And what else can satisfy that inner child in us, if not a children’s book!!???

C.S Lewis once said,

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”

If you ask me, this beautiful poetry book definitely qualifies for a good book because I enjoyed it thoroughly. It is the perfect gift option for small children (and maybe for yourself too!)

The author Tasnima Yasmin started with poetry at a very young age. She used to read poems and write her own since she was six. Fond of W.B Yeats, she has read a variety of poems from various poets. Tasnima did her Masters in English Language and Literature from the University of Calcutta. My Little Book of Nonsensical Poetry is her second book. Her debut book, Silhouette and Other Poems was released in 2019. It is a collection of twenty-six odd poems.

Can’t wait to read this book on poetries for little kids? Buy your copy of My Little Book of Nonsensical Poetry using the link below

Book review - My Little Book of Nonsensical Poetry by Tasnima Yasmin

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