Book Review: Next 5000 Years by Kumar Dipanshu

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Next 5000 Years

Neelam Sharma,



As the efforts towards rekindling the glory of Sanatan culture gains momentum, the challenges faced on the home turf continue to haunt and threaten us to impede any significant progress. For a Hindu not identifying himself or herself as a ‘Traditionalist Hindu’ or a ‘Political Hindu,’ it becomes quite difficult to find a sense of belongingness and contribute to the process of discovering the grand narrative.  Can this be termed as a ‘cultural hangover’ which renders us incapable to look towards the future and think outside the box? The need for a non-aligned perspective cannot be overlooked in these turbulent times to shake the psyche out of the feeling of being immortal and take corrective measures. As the packetization of Hindus as ‘Raita Wing’ or ‘Dhimmi Hindus’ by own fraternity continues, rarely has an attempt been made to cross over the ancient frameworks of the mind and extend an empathetic hand of sisterhood to our own folks. While majority of existing discourses continue to dwell in the past to look for answers to the challenges of present times, the impending doom of the future has been conveniently buried under the noise of myopic goals. Next 5000 Years is an attempt towards bringing ‘ignored’ topics to the fore and stressing towards the need to have all hands on deck to make sure the ship stays afloat and sails smoothly into the future.


If I were asked to define the Hindu creed, I should simply say: Search after truth through non violent means. A man may not believe in God and still calls himself a Hindu. Hinduism is a relentless pursuit after truth… Hinduism is a religion of truth. Truth is God. Denial of God we have known. Denial of truth we have not known…

Mahatma Gandhi

Indeed, these lines aptly summarize the essence of what Hinduism is about. Sadly though in the last quite a few years, the complete meaning and essence of what Hinduism and Hindutva is all about and its glorifications have been twisted to suit the comforts of the pre-set notionalities of a select strata of the society who have miffed with its true nature.

Next 5000 years by Kumar Dipanshu is a book which tends to explore the facets of the changing face of Hinduism as well as the effects of infamous practices like cancel culture, typecasting emigrant Indians and such other issues that have been tarnishing the true foundations of our profound religion, besmirching its beauty in the process. The book attempts to bring forth those ignored topics which are indispensable in the manner of a proper discussion as well as a clarity as regards their proper stand.

I liked how the author has used instances from his own life. Little narratives which enlighten us as to why and how he started believing in a particular thought process are engaging to read and at the same time help in flowing along on the main discussion of the book. The language is really good and makes for an interesting read. One story in particular, about Narad Muni which highlights the true sense of Godliness and the unwavering love and loyalty of man to God really resonated with me. Really, on the path to become a true Karm yogi, unwavering dedication is the first step.

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The author has given his views on why we need to ensure that we retract the wrong steps on safeguarding as well as preserving our religion and has also emphasized on doing away with  unscrupulous practices for the same.

I personally am in agreement with his thought process as I also strongly feel that its about time we took charge of what we as a generation are going to impart to our next in the manner of teaching as well as takeaway. It is vital that we clarify our own concepts and do away with our extreme prejudices for achieving the same.

Thus, to quote a prolific American philosopher and Historian ,”Hinduism will teach us the tolerance and gentleness of mature  mind, understanding spirit and a unifying, pacifying love for all human beings”.

About time we as a Nation as well as followers of any religion understood this and followed it wisely.

Meanwhile, this is a stellar read for me. Kudos to the author for such a well researched, well compiled, non biased and honest portrayal of his thought process. Good work Dipanshu👍

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