Book review of A Lonely World by Himanshu Goel

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A Lonely World is my second book from the author Himanshu Goel, and I must say, what I read now is a different yet pleasing experience from the earlier book of his.

Why do I say pleasing? Pleasing, I say this because Himanshu’s words in the book A Lonely World were like a lullaby. Soothing frayed edges of my mind. They sometimes whispered the secrets of darkest of nights. Sometimes spoke of heartbreaks and love. And some were poetries, I did not like at all. But that’s okay, we can not like every aspect of a book, can we now?

A Lonely World by Himanshu Goel talks about many things. Things that our heart desires and traitorous of words mind conjure up. These little pockets of words are what we need right now, to calm us and make us feel not lonely.

I give it a solid 3.5/5

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