Book review of All That for a B-School?! by Swapnil Paranjape and Prajakta Sinai

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Book review of All That for a B-School?! by Swapnil Paranjape and Prajakta Sinai

All That for a B-School?!

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



It’s a perfect read for people who are preparing for Entrance Exams


There is no hiding of the fact that competitive exams in our country are taken seriously like nothing else. Cutting down sleeping hours, studying like super-humans, missing out on family functions and parties with friends; we are all too aware of these students. No doubt they’ll achieve success after that; but what about all that is missed out?!

All That for a B-School, a book co-authored by Swapnil Paranjape and Prajakta Sinai is a story of one such B-School aspirant. Mandar has a perfect life. There’s nothing missing; perfect parents, amazing education; a beautiful girlfriend; he is living a dream life. Ahh but the irony of life! We want more than we have; so does Mandar. After deciding on giving CAT, his life takes a complete twist. Or rather goes haywire. With the motto of being on top, he forgets everything else that is of matter. This, of course, doesn’t turns out well.

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The book is a mirror to all those who are Mandar’s track. It is to remind them that competitions should be taken the right way; that they shouldn’t forget living. It also shows us the sad reality about how we become so obsessed with competitions that we end up ruining the most loving relations.

The book is a beautiful one. The authors have written it simply and efficiently. I felt what they wrote, as if the struggle was their own. All That for a B-School is a must-read for all the young adults. Believe me, you will relate to it.

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