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The Fun of being in Startup

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul,com

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If you like reading Non-Fiction and want to read something on startups then this book is for you


Being the founder of a startup is the dream of almost every youth in the world today. You might have the perfect billion-dollar idea, the craziest and most amazing plans; but sadly, just in your head. As the book, The Fun of being in Startup by Umesh Santoshkumar Yashoda Rathhod likes to say, “INDIA needs YOU, WORLD needs YOU.”
And to add a little something to the previous line, “YOU need it for YOURSELF”. Just think about it; how can you do a 9-5 job while the idea keeps muddling your head. Would it be justice to your job? Or to yourself? You need to get that amazing plan of yours working.

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The Fun of being in Startup is a gentle push to all the wannabe-entrepreneurs to get going. The idea won’t make itself happen; YOU have to make it happen. The book talks about how evolving in, or I would say with a startup is a life-changing experience. It is the means to do what you love, what you planned and witness the magic happening.

The author also points at how being a Startup founder shapes your personality. According to him, a 9-5 job schedule affects your mental health; how the work gets monotonous and makes you narrow-minded. Being a businessperson broadens the horizons and takes your thinking to another level.

I really enjoyed reading the book. It had some amazing ideas. It is written very well, in a conversational tone that made me feel home. So what are you guys waiting for?!! Give it a read and pour out your much-needed ideas!

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