Book review of Escape to The Galaxies by Vidyasagar Mundroy

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Escape to The Galaxies

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



I highly recommend Escape to Galaxies by Vidyasagar Mundroy. It’s one of the best Sci-Fi by an Indian author


Escape to the Galaxies is one of the most riveting science fiction novels I have ever read by an Indian author. Pulsating with actions and subplots on an epic scale, this book is best fit for fans of Star Wars and those interested in intergalactic adventures.

The themes of Escape to the Galaxies is the first reason why I loved reading the book. Based on the ecological status of our planet, it is interesting that the farsightedness of the novel is what the main storyline is based upon. With a blurb that declares “YOU NEED A BACKUP PLANET”, you can be certain that Escape to the Galaxies has a lot in store for you. And it does not disappoint you at all. The story is set millennia apart from the one which we are living in right now, where earth’s inhabitants have been forced to seek refuge in Mars (throwback to Elon Musk’s dream project!) and other exoplanets across the universe. However, for the current settlers of Mars, Earth as a planet is now threatening their very existence. Thus, Escape to the Galaxies brings forth the protagonist Halik to protect Mars by getting acquainted with the history of Earth, both cosmic and biological. In the course of the novel, Escape to the Galaxies breathes in and out surreal experiences that one can only imagine while watching a space stimulation in some scientific amusement park. In fact, the very picturesque details of intergalactic events and happenings seem so real that Escape to the Galaxies might as well be viewed as a possible occurrence in the near future. With science in tandem with fantasy, Escape to the Galaxies creates a sonorous beauty with a brilliant plot structure and an equally awe-inspiring language. No, the book does not have any complicated cosmological jargon for the readers. By itself, Escape to the Galaxies is narrated in a very simple and lucid language which conveys volumes of information seamlessly. Being a book that runs overs 350 pages, the one feature which dumbfounded me was the story itself.

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Escape to the Galaxies offers its readers a lot more than what it promises in its blurb. Yes, the blurb gives us a hint at a dystopian future where man is forced to abandon Earth and flee to Mars. But, as you delve deeper into the story, you will discover that Escape to the Galaxies is not merely limited to dystopia. This novel transcends the boundaries of science fiction and fantasy to address to social, ecological and scientific issues that plague the human race even today. The sheer wealth of ideas and knowledge that Escape to the Galaxies offers its readers with such humility is impressive to say the least. As I write this review, I am still in awe of having read such a powerful novel that looks into the human experience with the same amount of curiosity as it floats through the vast expanse of space.

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