Book review of Fool (For) Love by Harshita Agarwal

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Fool (For) Love

Neelam Sharma,

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A perfect read for contemporary and romance fiction lovers


You can’t avoid love. No one would want to. Not just the romantic version but the love that blooms between a father and a daughter, a mother and son, a pet and its owner. Every individual comes across ‘love’ somewhere in their life. As I said in the first sentence; you can’t avoid love, but can you fool it?

Fool (for) Love by Harshita Agarwal revolves around the theme of ‘love’. It is a collection of seven beautifully crafted short-stories that explore love in different lights. 

The blurb of the book has something quite interesting. It mentions how Ancient Greeks had seven words for each type of love. I, being unaware of this fact, was taken by surprise. How absolutely beautiful and wondrous is this. The author, using this, has written these seven stories on seven types of love.

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The book talks about how love impacts life of individuals in different ways. The characters of each story are deep; their stories profound. Each tale ends not with a happy or sad ending, but with the evolvement of characters. How they fall or overcome the love. How it affected them. The story I loved the most was the one based on ‘self-love’. The way the author has weaved the concept is delighting to read.

The writing, language, narrative; everything about it was smooth and flowing, the kind you just keep reading through. Honestly speaking, I am in ‘love’ with the book. Harshita Agarwal deserves a round of applause for this work. 

I can’t say this is recommended to everyone; the book’s age rating is 16+.  To all those who fall under this and enjoy a mix of contemporary and romance; Fool (for) Love is highly recommended. 

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