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As I took the first bite of Srishti Chaudhary’s Lallan Sweets, my mouth flooded with tastes unimaginable. Tastes that took me to the lanes of memories of the 90s.

There was not a kid, who did not listen to Alisha Chinai’s ‘Made In India’ or, sing relentlessly, however, loud or tuneless the song sounded out of their mouth. And playing the song ‘Ice Ice Baby’ in every party was the norm. And a fight was always eminent between friends while playing a game of gotis (Marbles). ⁣

Oh, what days they were… Golden. Unforgettable.⁣

But then the novel ‘Lallan Sweets’ wasn’t only about ‘Made In India’ or playing Gotis. No. It was about a quest that Tara and her cousins had to take in order to find a secret magical ingredient that made Lallan Sweets so famous in a quaint town of Siyaka, where our story is set. ⁣

And now you wonder, what the quest is all about? Well, the quest is all about earning the ownership of the famous shop Lallan Sweets.

And now the question arises will Tara or one of her cousins be able to complete the guest? ⁣
Well, for that you have to read the book?⁣

I must say, Author Srishti is one hell of a talented and beautiful writer. Her narration is as delectable as my favourite ‘Besan ka laddoo’ made by my mom. While reading it, I was lost in the explosion of words that were filled with flavours and memories. She knew the exact amount of flavours to use to bind us, the readers to the story.⁣

Ah! I now regret not reading her earlier book ‘Once upon a Curfew’ which I heard is equally an immersive experience. But now I am surely going to read it one day. And that one day be better sooner than later.?⁣

Overall, this is a novel beautifully written and worth reading. And I wouldn’t mind it revisiting it again. I, hence, recommend this book highly to you all.

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Amazon link of Lallan Sweets by Srishti Chaudhary

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